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Description: Alarm Clock Plus(NoAds) APK



Download and see for yourself. This app has all the customization you are looking for, with NO ADS! EXACTLY THE SAME AS FREE VERSION, JUST NO ADS.

Alarm Clock Plus features include:
-Unlimited alarms
-alarm clock while muted
-auto snooze alarm clock
-auto dismiss alarm clock
-MATH ALARM (require math problem to be solved to dismiss or snooze alarm clock)
-FLASHLIGHT for alarm clock
-one time skip for repeating alarms
-shake to snooze or dismiss alarm clock
-change snooze time after alarm clock snoozed
-set alarm and nap alarm defaults
-alarm clock speaks time and weather
-most settings are independent for each individual alarm
-alarm clock volume independent of system
-backup alarms and alarm clock configuration to sdcard
-Extremely simple to navigate

-fully configurable desk clock display, or disable desk clock portion entirely, leaving a simple alarm clock.

-run Alarm Clock Plus or any app upon plug-in
-transparent clock widgets, multiple clock sizes, and nap alarm widgets

-AND MUCH MORE! All options configurable, spend time with Alarm Clock Plus and set it up exactly how you want it!
Alarm Clock Plus apk
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Sharon Howard review Sharon Howard
Great! (Note 2)
This is a very nice, full featured app. The best alarm I've found. Very customizable with loads of features. You can turn off alarms instead of delete, skip the next alarm, repeat alarms on given days, have different sounds for each alarm, snooze or not, etc. There is a"nap" function that will auto delete after the alarm goes off and is stopped. There is an independent volume control that is the loudness you choose regardless of the phones volume. You can't go wrong with this app!
Jill Peters review Jill Peters
Great alarm app!
Love that I can set many alarms to remind me to take meds ect... has never failed me! Also like the math to dismiss! Makes me think instead of mindlessly hit dismiss. The spoken time is cool, too! Wish you could incorpoarate the extra volume available on the S5 music volume as even at top volume on ringtone setting the alarm can be fairly quiet. I solved this by using my bluetooth speaker and now my alarms blast!
A Google User review A Google User
Pretty good alarm clock app
Simple. Easy to use. Nice to have multiple pre set alarms ready at the touch if a finger. I wish it would restore better than it does. Ez to backup, It basically sucks to restore. The restored alarm sounds are always different from what was originally used, even though the sounds are the same on both devices. Its a pain to update every restored alarm to be like the original. I have used this for years and finally had enough. Finally went to some thing different.
James Green review James Green
Love this app
Would be 5 stars, and i will changeto 5 staes, when all of my alarms work again. Been usingit for three years with no issues, but this mounth some of my allarms started not working. Put an e-mail in to get help. we will seehow long it takes to get a responce. Months later and still no response. Downgraded to 3 stars and sent another e-mail. 5 stars again, they upgraded my phones rom and that fixed it. I never got a response though.
Mr. Gray review Mr. Gray
Great Clock/Alarm App w Concerns
Outstanding clock and alarm app. Lots of features. Love the fact that I can adjust the color of the clock and background. The alarm function has never failed for me. Two things to improve. First, when my alarm sounds and I hit snooze, a dialog pops asking if I want to adjust the snooze timeframe. I am half asleep. Don't want to deal with any such dialogue. Blocks the time display too. I see no way to disable this. Second, when the dialogue dismisses, the clock display turns full bright, not dim. Ouch!
Jason Nuss review Jason Nuss
Great Alarm
I tried a couple different alarms and like this one the best by far. It is really nice to be able to change all the colors and the brightness of the numbers. I have one mode set up for night time and the red letters are so faint you can only see them in the dark. No more bright alarm clocks. You can manipulate the sounds, the voice alerts, alarm times on different days, naps, and weather. it is truly a customizable clock.
Courtney Martin review Courtney Martin
HTC Merge
Wicked good alarm clock! Mad amount of options and features make this alarm clock rock. I no longer have to set two alarms to make sure I wake up. Thanks to the math for dismiss/snooze option I no longer worry about unknowingly shutting the alarm off! I wish the personalize options for font and color were a bit more descriptive and distinguishable from one another. Rite now its a guess as to what your making changes on. Regardless killer app! Thanks! )-(
Frances Mason review Frances Mason
Good and reliable alarm app
It is a good alarm clock, able to set multiple alarms, plus has a nap feature, easy to use, good alarm app. One of the few I have bought. Reliable for set alarm to wake me up. Cons: No way to change background colors or pics. Gray snooze and dismiss buttons and no way to change color. Developer seems to have dropped any updates or new features since 2012. However, it is a very functional alarm.
A Google User review A Google User
Super Perfect
What can this do that the default can't? *Save new-alarm default settings! No more accidentally vibrating alarms! *Add a quick countdown for a nap alarm! *Turn off just the next alarm, so you won't oversleep the morning after a holiday. *Disallow snoozing! (Plus some jiggery-pokery for people who like snooze-alarms or sometimes turn off alarms in their sleep.)
Brendan Jenkins review Brendan Jenkins
Great app for it's purpose! And still works great!!
It's been a great and very reliable alarm for the 6 years I've used it. But! I think it needs an update since it's been just over THREE years since the last one!! I've never wanted nothing more and no less but IT NEEDS TO BE BROUGHT INTO THE FUTURE, even though for me, it still all works fine.
Sebastian Urban review Sebastian Urban
Great simple yet full of functions
This clock is the best alarm clock I have ever had on my mobile. The best feature is the massive snooze button. it can be pressed without even looking at the phone which is so handy in the morning and the dismiss button is just small underneath the snooze button. The paid version costs pennies and really is with the money. It gets rid of the ads and supports the developer. Great work!
A Google user review A Google user
This app is customizable and will suit anyone. It's just perfect! I like the test feature and the spoken time and weather features. It's really dependable and reliable. I've used it ona variety of devices and had zero issues: HTC EVO 4G, Samsung Tab, and then Samsung Galaxy S4. I'll be sure to download it again for any future devices! TIP: Remember to ensure your media volume is raised for the alarm to work.
Mary Schmidt review Mary Schmidt
This is the best alarm clock ever! Lots of useful features and easy of use. However, once the phone is updated to Marshmallow 6.0, the alarm will no longer work unless you have touched the phone in the last hour. Which means a morning alarm will not go off. This has been an issue in forums since the release of Marshmallow 6.0 and I am hoping Alarm Clock Plus is working to fix the issue with the alarms not going off anymore.
A Google user review A Google user
I vote with others that want the alarms listed with the active alarms on top. I have several daily plus a few I use often and I hate having to scroll to the bottom for the afternoon. This is enough of a bother that I will consider using a different app or my native clock if it isn't fixed. Also, the alarm tone won't stay set to my choice. It keeps reverting to another I didn't choose. I want my alarms to have different tones depending on the reason. If the app can't work right, I'll lose it. HTC Sensation
A Google user review A Google user
What can this do that the default can't? *Save new-alarm default settings! No more accidentally vibrating alarms! *Add a quick countdown for a nap alarm! *Turn off just the next alarm, so you won't oversleep the morning after a holiday. *Disallow snoozing! (Plus some jiggery-pokery for people who like snooze-alarms or sometimes turn off alarms in their sleep.)

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