Blacklist Plus - Call Blocker
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Blacklist Plus - Call Blocker

Blacklist Plus - Call Blocker v1.18 APK
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Android 2.1 - Eclair
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Description: Blacklist Plus - Call Blocker APK

Call blocker. Calls blocking is now simple and effective!

Blacklist Plus is an easy to use call blocker. You can add to the blacklist not only any contact or number from the calls and messages logs, but also the whole range of any phone numbers that begin with certain digits. Any numbers in any format, can be added to both the black and the white lists.

Blacklist Plus is a powerful call blocker. By using the whitelist and the various modes of blocking, you will have the opportunity to define precisely the circle of people who can get access to you. The scheduling option will also let you set the hours you want blocking activated and will prevent unexpected night calls from bothering you.

This call blocker also provides a whole range of options for managing the blocking, such as the option to block hidden numbers, as well as the option to turn off notifications and setup password protection (available only in the PRO version).

Blacklist Plus is a perfect call blocker that can instantly hang up unwanted calls or simply turn off their sound, depending on what block method you have selected. No matter what your choice is, your phone’s call log will be cleared of all traces of the blocked calls.

All the information regarding blocked calls is saved in the app’s log. You will be able to make calls without leaving the program. You can also turn off the calls blocking at any time, by selecting the appropriate block mode.

If you don’t want others to know about your blacklist and to be able to view the journal of blocked calls, use the password protection function (available only in the PRO version).

There are four block modes of call blocker:
- Blacklist
- All except the whitelist
- All except contacts
- All numbers

Block method selection:
- Hang up
- Mute

Other capabilities:
- Whitelist
- Adding a range of numbers into the black and white lists
- Options for blocking calls
- Blocking hidden numbers
- Journal of blocked calls and messages
- Setting up a password (available in the PRO version)

- powerful call blocker
- very easy and stable
- a user-friendly interface
- a variety of settings

How to hide status bar icon?
You can hide status bar icon by unchecking "show status bar icon" option in the "Settings" tab of the application.

If you have any questions about the application, please let us know by e-mail: [email protected]


App type: Call blocker, Blacklist.

Video: Blacklist Plus - Call Blocker for Android

File Size
201.56 KB
Updated On
10 January 2016
Minimum SDK Version
Android 2.1 - Eclair
Blacklist Plus - Call Blocker 1.18 permissions
  • android.permission.READ_CONTACTS
  • android.permission.READ_PHONE_STATE
  • android.permission.WRITE_CONTACTS
  • android.permission.CALL_PHONE
  • android.permission.READ_SMS
  • android.permission.RECEIVE_SMS
  • android.permission.RECEIVE_BOOT_COMPLETED
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Tom Scherf review Tom Scherf
Blacklist Plus is the best one I've found so far. Maybe it's just a setting that I haven't been able to find but I rated it only a 4 for one reason. It blocks calls just fine but It lets the blocked call still leave a voicemail. Wouldn't it be a reasonable assumption that if I don't want the call, I also wouldn't want the voicemail?
Mel Kashima review Mel Kashima
Wonderful app to block annoying calls like his other app, Calls Blacklist! Love love love them both! Keeps my phone quiet except for my contacts and important phone calls that I allow. The feature I miss on this one is that is on your Calls Blacklist app is a copy and paste feature! Totes would love to see that implemented in this one otherwise keep up with the great work and thanks for making epic great call blocking apps ?
Rhonda Terry review Rhonda Terry
I have had this app running for about a week now and it works great except sms messages are getting thru. I think this may be my problem since i have a galaxy SII on page plus and have to use android messaging in order to receive mms. If there is a fix for that that'd be awesome and i'd give the 5 stars!!
It gives U the option to mute calls or just hang up, make sure u read the settings CUS it can block all contacts without reading! BUT I LOVE LOVING IT?
Nancy Wilson review Nancy Wilson
I couldn't be more at ease. Finally I can set back and not have to deal with the unwanted bs from unwanted bf. As soon as I added his # to blacklist it immediately took over and showed my x that's as far as he was allowed. My new hero. Thanks for the peace and quite as well as the piece of mind. I'm start n to feel like happy me again. So cool. Thanks
Jim Walker Smith review Jim Walker Smith
I could not find an app that would block all phone calls and only allow my contacts to ring through. After installing this contact I started receiving SMS text messages with hyperlinks for clicking on and the only phone calls that I received were from India telling me my computer is infected and he needed to log on to save me. Very suspicious. Uninstalling.
Tom Elew review Tom Elew
Doesn't actually do anything. I Blacklisted a number from my contact list then scheduled a time. Sure enough, just at the time I thought I would get it, the text came through, notification sound and all. It's a nice looking ap anyway. And it was very nice of the app to tell me that it blocked the SMS that it didn't block.
Karen O'Neill review Karen O'Neill
I like the features of this app and it generally works well. The problem is when a blocked call comes in and my ringer is on, my phone rings...and rings...and rings. I cant hang up on it and apparently neither is the app. I have this app to block spam calls yet still be able to leave my ringer on knowing that I can answer calls that wake me. I sleep days and dont want to be disturbed by junk calls. Please tell me how to fix this.
Qiana Feemster review Qiana Feemster
Works perfectly! Was being harassed by a bitter ex calling 30 times a day, now I'm free! He's blocked from leaving messages and texts. Thank you GOD for this app! :-) :-) . This app it's highly recommended. I love it! Five stars all the way!
Marc Calabrese review Marc Calabrese
I like the elegant, simple user interface. However, the one feature I installed this for doesn't even work. The "hang up" feature instead sends calls to voicemail, which my Galaxy S7 phone already does without this. I sent a message to the developer a week ago, and never heard back. (Using Galaxy S7 with Nougat 7.0)
A Google user review A Google user
No frills easy to use call blocker. It supports whitelist only or only calls from contacts in your address book. Blocked calls don't ring or show up on the phone's native missed calls, but do show in the apps own internal log. Interface looks slighty dated; but who cares, since it just works.
RDollars review RDollars
I'm a little disappointed by this app. I just wanted the calls on the blacklist to stop being connected to my voicemail. Also for them to stop being able to connect and stop ringing. I also don't like seeing the calls in my call log. If their blocked, I shouldn't be able to see them or get a voicemail from them.
Keenan Walker review Keenan Walker
This app is just what I've wanted: after I've adding #s I want blocked, whenever these callers attempt to reach me again, the calls DO NOT disturb me! If they go straight to voice mail, I'm not aware of this. I highly recommend using this app!
Rebecca Smith review Rebecca Smith
Good app only been using it for 24 hours so far so good. Been using application for a few wks now. Still good ? Only 1 thing that not working correctly. stopping message from coming through whos number has been blocked already. Via calls. Apart from that very good app. Well done.
Mayur Chaporkar review Mayur Chaporkar
This app is the best app if you just want to block calls and don't care whose number is it ......very light does not consume ram. Download this app if you are constantly called by numbers of same pattern(telemarketers). Love it... But some phone calls do get through...

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