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Blosics HD FREE v1.0.7 APK
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Android 2.2.x - Froyo
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Description: Blosics HD FREE APK

Shoot at massive structures built from colored blocks and make them drop off the screen. It sounds simple at first but beware - the blocks are alive! They can talk and they have some serious tricks up their sleeves. Use all your power to get rid of them!

Welcome to the vivid world of Blosics, filled with tons of exciting challenges.

Use up to 13 different power balls to fulfill your mission. Each of the balls has unique abilities like the female attract ball, drawing the attention of macho blocks to pull them away. Or the psychic ball, pushing away blocks with additional telekinesis force. Find the right strategy to get rid of as many blocks as possible. It´s a blast!

Float in the Sky; Dive Underwater; Explore Caves; Venture into Deep Space

Don´t take our word for it; hear what the press has to say:

Why do we like it? If you'll excuse the pun, this game has balls. The developer isn't content to just make an Angry Birds knock-off. The innovation introduced here enhances playability without losing sight of what makes the physics puzzler so appealing in the first place.

"From the brightly colored visuals to the addictive, physics-based levels, it would be far too easy to dismiss this as another puzzle game in the vein of Angry Birds. I would dare say I enjoyed it quite a bit more."

"Blosics is a casual object-flinging game like Angry Birds, but this is no clone, as it feels fresh and unique with plenty of different features to unlock."

Feature Overview:

✓ 120 levels
✓ NEW! 30 Challenges
✓ Four Episodes
✓ Smooth Graphics
✓ Amazing Physics Simulation
✓ HD Display support
✓ 13 different Power Balls
✓ 2 Control Options

Video: Blosics HD FREE for Android

File Size
40.57 MB
Updated On
13 January 2016
Minimum SDK Version
Android 2.2.x - Froyo
Blosics HD FREE 1.0.7 permissions
  • android.permission.INTERNET
  • android.permission.ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE
  • android.permission.WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE
  • android.permission.GET_ACCOUNTS
  • android.permission.GET_TASKS
  • android.permission.READ_PHONE_STATE
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Ronald Westmoreland review Ronald Westmoreland
Fun and addictive. I just wish it didn't make my phone so hot when I played. Also the ads could be a bit smaller.
Jaque Cole review Jaque Cole
I enjoy the game a huge amount, I even don't mind the ads, but they get in the way, sometimes, right in the middle of the vital gameplay components
0000 9999 review 0000 9999
This game is fun and I'm glad it moved from Desktop to Mobile a while back, however the ads at the bottom of the screen prevent you from playing the game to its fullest potential. Even when you get the ads removed for "free" the game does not connect to the third party site.
James Snyder review James Snyder
For the love of the big man upstairs, please fix this!
Keltryn Jones review Keltryn Jones
This game makes you think, and you get to break things too. Enough said.
Andy Jones review Andy Jones
Currently not working on my Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. Upon launching it shows the Igrek productions splash screen and then continues on to a black screen. Reinstalling did nothing. Advice please devs?
Jp Garcia review Jp Garcia
Good display and graphics. Gets a bit boring as you advance. Overall, 4 stars.
Christopher Tobar review Christopher Tobar
No game needs the ability to retrieve my running apps, uninstalled immediately.
Michael Monroy review Michael Monroy
I have a samsung galaxy y and the problem is the underwater chapter. Whenever i open a lvl it deosnt show the menus around the screen: balls menu,pause menu,etc.
Mark Helfand review Mark Helfand
Another great game from FDG
I try to be honest with my evals. So far, I've been extremely impressed with the games from FDG. Great graphics, original games and phenomenal support. I told them that their ads were blocking game play. They told me to zoom in to avoid the problem. They could have easily said pay to remove them. THEY DIDN'T! THAT'S INTEGRITY! This is a great company!
Ryan Annexstad review Ryan Annexstad
Good, but...
This game is great. I played on my iPhone a few years ago, but now I'm playing on android the ads are horribly placed. On half of the levels I can't even see where I'm suppose to be shooting or see some of the barriers. It's a fun game but when you can't do stuff because of ads, it's very off putting, that and I can't even buy to remove ads, it don't work. Again though, very fun. Just horrible add placements.
Fun but.....
Great game, and a fun way to kill time. But holy s#&% are the ads huge and in the way. I dont mind ads in a free game but these make it almost unplayable. 01/01/13 Update the ads are so bad you cant even push buttons you need to play the game.Sorry but down to one star guys. Othetwise fun game when you can play it.
Ben Jamin review Ben Jamin
Great physics game
The physics simulation is excellent, and runs flawlessly smooth on a tegra 3. It's also genuine full HD on my 1920x1200 tablet. The number and variety of puzzles is very good, with lots of special achievements. There are ads, but they're not too annoying. There isn't much replay value, but come on, it's free!
Zairrd Vordenta review Zairrd Vordenta
Creative and Intensely Satishfying
The gameplay is very immersing despite being punishing. although it entertains much more than being a Angry Birds KNOCK OFF .A big array of Ball Types is very satisfying to use.Some LEVELS are terribly hard.Graphics are colourful and it features magnificently lively envoronment.The point deduction for error adds a bit of strategic flair.Soundtrack is a bit disappointing.
Great game, but...
I REALLY HATE THE ADS, every time I play a level, an ad covers the restart button and the score, the ads tick me off, when I try to touch the restart button, an ad pops up, can you not have ads, it makes the free version feel annoying. I will give 5 stars if removed. Also, the music of the game keeps playing when I close it, can you fix that.

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