Budget Bytes - Delicious Recipes for Small Budgets
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Budget Bytes - Delicious Recipes for Small Budgets

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Description: Budget Bytes - Delicious Recipes for Small Budgets APK

Introducing The Budget Bytes App, from cookbook author and winner of Saveur's Best How-To Food Blog in 2016, Beth Moncel. Beth has built a loyal following of millions of fans by delivering delicious recipes designed for small budgets on her blog www.budgetbytes.com. Now, she's put 500 of her most popular recipes into the Budget Bytes App, complete with step-by-step photography and voice guidance from Beth herself. She'll personally walk you through every recipe, right in your kitchen. Cooking on a budget shouldn't mean canned beans and ramen noodles night after night. Welcome to the world of delicious recipes designed for small budgets.

Beth adds, “I’ve partnered with the tech-savvy team at SideChef to bring you an easy to use app packed with more features than I could have imagined. It’s like an interactive and customizable cookbook with my voice coaching you through each recipe! Cool, right??

We’ve pre-loaded the app with the 500 best recipes from years past and also loaded 300 credits into your account to jump start your access to additional new recipes in the marketplace. All new recipes from the blog will be uploaded into the marketplace where you can choose which recipes you want to load into your app. You can continue to earn free credits by simply visiting marketplace once per day, commenting on recipes, or uploading a photo of your creation.

Why am I so excited about this app? Well, let me just list a few of the super cool things it can do…
-Deliver the recipes you love faster and easier without waiting for a website (or annoying ads) to load. Plus, save recipes to personal “cookbooks” to access your favorites even faster.
-Filter recipes by price to get recipes that are the best fit for your budget.
-Adjustable serving sizes let you cook the amount that you want and reduce food waste.
-Access how-to technique videos right in the instructions so you can cook with extra confidence.
-Cook with me, in real time! We wanted to make this app extra personal, so you’ll have my voice giving you step-by-step instructions as you cook.”

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Lionel Williams review Lionel Williams
Added micro transactions to an app I already paid for! DO NOT SUPPORT these people, app, or website. DISGUSTING
Jess Martin review Jess Martin
This was great until you had to earn credits to get certain recipes. I already paid for the app and now I have to continue paying? Making new ways to 'earn credits' isn't helpful. I'm uninstalling this terrible waste of 3 dollars and I'll use the internet for recipes. I'll never use another thing from money hungry budget bytes again. You've ruined something great, congratulations.
Kimi C review Kimi C
It was fine until you needed mystical credits to unlock certain recipes on an app you already had to pay for to install. Who do you think you are? EA? This is ridiculous. It's not budget friendly if you have to pay for a recipe on top of paying for the app. Completely dissatisfied and I would never have downloaded this had I known what was coming. Complete waste of time and money.
Davis DeMille review Davis DeMille
This would be 5 stars but I am disappointed to not see any "meal prep" category. I like the meal prep articles provided on the website
Candice Thomas review Candice Thomas
I've been following the blog for years and Beth's recipes are always my go-to when I need inspiration! The app is sleek and responsive. The personalization features like creating "cookbook" collections of recipes and saving favorites really make it easier for me to search and refer to them in the kitchen. Definitely a great app for people looking to cook tasty and healthy meals on a budget.
Debra Lee review Debra Lee
This is not a free app. I think its completely justified to pay to install the app. It has a nice interface, nice step by step cooking instructions/videos, and no ads. Makes it convenient to cook with your phone next to you. But now the app has updated, forcing us to purchase credits in order to unlock recipes to look at. This is absolutely ridiculous. At this point, why wouldn't I just look up the recipe online? I do not want to pay to look at a recipe I'm not sure if I'm even going to make. This app is now useless.
Wray Lowell review Wray Lowell
The addition of fun bux credits to unlock recipes in a paid app is a mystifying choice. I use budget bytes bc I am below the poverty line, folks. I know yall in silicon valley probably don't even know what foodstamps are but I assure you if I can fill out the forms to get them I'm willing to put out the modest effort of writing the names of the recipies I like down in my notebook and navigating to the site instead of buying ladle bucks to save me the effort lol
Tejas Sharma review Tejas Sharma
I thought it was pretty justified to pay for an app full of high-quality, easy to follow recipes. Then the app was changed so that we’re forced to buy credits to access a lot of recipes. That's pretty messed up, to make people pay for an app and then make them pay even more inside the app, for recipes that are available for free online.
Christopher Mancino review Christopher Mancino
Uhhhhhh I paid money for this app, which I think is ridiculous for a recipe app anyways. But I love Beth's recipes so I decided to support her and purchase it. But now I have to pay to unlock more recipes?!?! Absolutely ridiculous.
 review Guest
I was kinda already annoyed that I have to pay for the app, but I put up with it since I was supporting the site, but now I have to pay for the app and then pay for the credits to get more recipes? What? Granted, we can earn them for free by logging in every day, etc. But I've already paid for this app, why am I asked to pay more for credits? It defeats the "budget" part of everything.
Desiree Frampton review Desiree Frampton
Like other reviewers, I had purchased this app to show my support for Beth, and I had no problem doing so. However, I'm not quite pleased with the new feature of paying more if I want more recipes, and the process for earning them through logging in is ridiculously slow. I still love the website and the recipes, but I'm disappointed in the direction the app is going.
Jason Harper review Jason Harper
Always can find a new family favourite. The recipes are consistently easy to follow and turn out great. The app is very user friendly and works great with my tablet propped up on the kitchen counter. It's a real step up from a printed recipe from the website
Danielle Hanley review Danielle Hanley
I've loved the Budget Bytes blog for years and I'm really liking the app so far. The ability to not just favourite but save recipes in different "cookbooks" is great.
June Yolcuepa review June Yolcuepa
I get the majority of my recipes from Budget Bytes. Cheap and easy to make, they are also satisfying. The app is easy to navigate and I haven't had any issues with it.
Franco Reyes review Franco Reyes
Really like this app. Its become my main source for inexpenssive good recipes. The instructions are really easy to follow as well!

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