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Clan of Pony

Clan of Pony v1.0 APK
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Android 2.3 - 2.3.2 - Gingerbread
40.88 MB
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Everyone 10+
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Description: Clan of Pony APK

★★★ Clan of Pony is here! ★★★

Customize your own pony!! Pink, Blue, Purple, Orange, Pink and many more colors.

Ponies, who doesn't love them. Are they just little horses, or something more? My goodness, they sure are adorable. Join these ponies as they engage in epic team battles, magic, and high adventure. Grow you own little pony into a giant.

The most action packed pony simulator game on the app store. Loaded with all your favorite forest animals including: Fox, Deer, Wolf, Horse, Bear, and Giant Eagle. Enter this forest world as a young miniature horse, help her find her family, grow into a giant, and dominate the territory.

**Customize your Pony by pressing the Edit button on the 'Me' page**
**8 Different Color and Style Options to Choose From**

Other enemies include : Bears, Deer, Eagles, Wolf, and Fox. Race around the huge map and hunt down your enemies. Strike them before they strike you. This game is Part Role Playing, Part Animal Simulator, and Totally Action Packed. For animal lovers, this is the ultimate game. Realistic day changes from starlight to twilight.

Magic spells include : Fireball, Electric Shock, Healing, and Invincibility.

Top Game Features:
-- Action packed, fast faced, Pony simulator
-- Locate all 6 of your family members
-- Find all the magic spell books
-- Call your clan when you are near your enemies
-- Realistic animal sound effects and weather effects
-- Open World Style game
-- Huge 3D Map

Map Features Include:
Waterfalls and Lava
High Grass
Hidden Caves
Smash Logs
Movable tree trunks
Trees, Rivers, and much more!!

Game objectives:
1. Claim your territory
2. Find all 6 Pony Clan members
3. Find all the 4 spell books
4. Defeat all the regular bosses
5. Defeat all 4 enemy Clans
6. Defeat all the Super bosses
---When you complete all of the above- You Win!!--

Do you like this game? We would love it if you let us know what you think. We tried hard to respond to all comments and listen to your suggestions. At Wildfoot, we love 3D animal simulators and our goal is to set the standard of quality for animal sims.

Check out our Facebook page: for updates. Remember that friendship is magic. Now get started building your little Clan of Ponies!!

Video: Clan of Pony for Android

File Size
40.88 MB
Updated On
19 March 2016
Minimum SDK Version
Android 2.3 - 2.3.2 - Gingerbread
Clan of Pony 1.0 permissions
  • android.permission.WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE
  • android.permission.INTERNET
  • android.permission.ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE
  • android.permission.WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE
  • android.permission.ACCESS_WIFI_STATE
  • android.permission.READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE
  • android.permission.WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE
  • android.permission.ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE
  • android.permission.READ_PHONE_STATE
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Benjamin Melton review Benjamin Melton
It is so easy . I beat the game in 2 days
Mackenzie Carden review Mackenzie Carden
This game is awesome the pony's are absolutely beautifull and the bosses are wired animals
Guide Aeon review Guide Aeon
I searched multiplayer games and this was on it...
I wonder if it is multiplayer I like it when it has multiplayer if it's a lie... because I searched multiplayer games and thus was in it so if it is not multiplayer then I'm upset but I put loved it because I love pony's. THERE'S FRICAN PONY'S WHAT THE HECK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Eagle Harris review Eagle Harris
It's almost exactly like the show My Little Pony. It's good but it needs multiplayers. And other people who play this game you need to get clean of cats it's almost exactly like the book series Warriors. And about that multiplayer part I think the multiplayers should be on your side if they want to,same thing with all your other apps
Emma kawaii review Emma kawaii
because there are adds poping up every 5 mins ? .Sometimes when i try to defeat any boss or clan the add appears and i die . Please try to remove adds . if there were no adds in this game then i guess i would give it 5 ?????!!!!!!! . But i have defeated all clans , bosses and super bosses while suffuring in adds ??. please reply . THANKYOU
abu muktadir review abu muktadir
I hate the thing of to much advertising during the game because it kills my pony plz fix this and. . . Can you as well as fixing this can u let us make up our clans members' names? thank you. . . but good game plus can you make clan of deer? and can you let us go inside the bears cave? thank u do much for reading!
Melissa Skydreamer review Melissa Skydreamer
Visually unstimulating or creative. Maneuverability/controls are too choppy, fast and unstable to work with. Graphics are blocky and laggy. Having to restart over & over every time you get attacked you begin to lose interest fast. Ads in the middle of gameplay to extremely frustrating. Every game by this company I've tried to play is terrible.
Ashley Cobb review Ashley Cobb
I enjoyed playing this game. Only thing is that it's really easy to beat. In the description it says you can customize your pony but I never saw where you could do that. The clan members get stuck on things which makes them useless.
Innolab Pet Arnaldo review Innolab Pet Arnaldo
I won the whole game!!!!!! Good stuff well if you are having ads in the middle of the battle go to the battle quick because if 5 minuits had started ads will get you to death thats a great game but its laggy sometimes in mountains and my ponies cannpt control theisekves they really go to trees rocks and wood but thats not bad problem its excellent game!
A Google user review A Google user
this game is so much fun. It is cool but... when i won the game there was nothing to do. can there be more levels and also can you make it so your pony does not die every time i try to kill a boss.
Jewell Wilber review Jewell Wilber
I played this game for so long that I defeated all the bosses and clans that there is nothing more to fight I but I love this game.:-) l also want to say that ads dont pop up until you die so dont say they pop and die. You should say that ads pop up after I die.
Vegas Scum review Vegas Scum
How do you even have a play button? I just don't know what to do in this gme so I'm a scarey night fire horse
Spencer Pond review Spencer Pond
At times this game can be challengeing but it is fun. Although, I don't understand the spirit pony!! Why is it there? It doesn't help at all. But fun game.
Ameera Desai review Ameera Desai
The reason why I don't like it is because every time I open it , it says that it has stopped working. I am sooooo frustrated :(
Summer Mitchell review Summer Mitchell
I won the game now there is no bosses clans or super bosses to defeat. I love this game but please give me more clans bosses and super bosses please. I love you wild foot games please dont let me down.

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