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Description: Clevermessage APK

Auto texting! You can now have AI of Cleverbot respond to your incoming text messages for you, with no interaction required.

Choose the contacts you want the AI to respond to, and set a delay before it does so, allowing you to intervene.

PLEASE NOTE: Cleverbot learns from users and imitates them. It may say things that you or others find inappropriate. Cleverbot responses become your responsibility the moment they are sent, as they are your messages. You alone can decide if it is right to use this app, which of your contacts should receive your automated messages, and whether you should tell them beforehand.

A 'fair use' limit of 1000 Cleverbot interactions per day is applied by this app.

Clevermessage can only respond if an internet connection is available.

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Jonathan H review Jonathan H
I used to have this app on my Nexus 4 and it worked. But after purchasing a note 3 it just doesn't auto-reply at all now...
Devin Burns review Devin Burns
I have had this thing talking to all my friends for like an hour now XD
Aiden Rain review Aiden Rain
Really liked it until a recent update when every apostrophe started getting replaced with "#39;" which made it very clear that it was fake
George Powell review George Powell
This app is hilarious when you leave it on and wait for someone to text you. It lets you filter which contacts it will respond to as well, just in case you really don't want the app sending texts to your boss or something.
Bacon Jesus review Bacon Jesus
It's all fun and games until Cleverbot tells your best mate that you love him.
nathan Davenport review nathan Davenport
Though it might need a better base program to help with talking to people, maybe something that reads previous texts to build a folio on how to potentially talk to the person
jareth beeman review jareth beeman
Won't do anything on my phone, S3 running cyanogen. And the refund button buttons is gone so I'm gonna be annoyed if I wasted money on this.
Calvin Kielas-Jensen review Calvin Kielas-Jensen
The idea behind this is wonderful and I'm surprised there aren't more apps that do this. I would like some better support for the app though. It could do with a UI upgrade and it takes a very long time to load the contacts. I know it is supposed to learn from me but it doesn't really match what I say. I'm sure the AI algorithms will be updated in the future and it is difficult to do that but the simple things like a better UI should be a no brainer. Once these issues are addressed I will give 4 or 5 stars
Jacob Ball review Jacob Ball
Great app! Droshky! If I ever need to step away from my phone to take a breather, clever not is just as random as me! So my friends actually think its me! Great prank texts too! Only one problem, sometimes the texts are sent with grammer errors or with a random letter all by its self. Please fix! Great app though!! HTC one m8.
PJ Tuohy review PJ Tuohy
I mean I wish I didn't pay for it, because the bot is kind of a dick. It's not as smart as you want it to be, and the icon changes when you download to some wierd eye thing. It was good for a few laughs untill the bot was being a dick.
Brenda Moreno review Brenda Moreno
I bought the app thinking it was going to be fun interactive semi nice bot; however, turned out completely opposite. Horrible! I would like a refund if such agreement existed.
Nick LDominator review Nick LDominator
When trying to set it to use contacts, it just crashes. Also, it types #39; for an apostrophes. If they fix the problems, ill rate it higher. Its A great app however. Very fun to use. It is great for trolls! Edit: they fixed apostrophe encoding issue. Rating 4 stars now. If they fix the contact option issue, ill rate 5 stars.
Courtney Clash review Courtney Clash
Unfortunately, it appears this app only works if you have phone service. I use Talkatone and Heywire for calling and texting, Sadly Clevermessage doesn't have an option to make it compatible with those apps. When/If it ever becomes compatible, I'll increase my rating. Really looking forwards to using this...
John Smith review John Smith
The concept is very original and it's very funny to read conversations from confused friends. The only downside is that replies aren't always in context. For example it randomly asked "What is your favourite animal" after a talk about the quadratic formula. Overall a good port of clever bot!
Bryce S review Bryce S
Thanks for fixing the apostrophe encoding issue! Hilarious app to watch play out. I would defiantly recommend this app to my friends, that is after I trick them with it.

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