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Clevertweet v1.3.4 APK
Current Version
Android 4.0.x - Ice Cream Sandwich
1.36 MB
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Description: Clevertweet APK

Automate your tweeting - use Cleverbot's Artificial Intelligence! Clevertweet runs in the background on your device, posting tweets to your friends, followers and more.

Tired of responding to all your @mentions? Clevertweet can take the load! Have lots of followers? Please them by replying to their tweets, or retweeting with comments! Respond to those you follow, or create content based on searches.

Clevertweet is customisable - set it to respond to different kinds of tweets in all sorts of ways. Set the rate at which Clevertweet posts tweets, up to 30 per hour.

Please note: Cleverbot learns from others and may say things from your account that some might find inappropriate. Use at your own risk. Clevertweet may not be able to respond to everything - it depends on your settings, and how many tweets are suitable.
File Size
1.36 MB
Updated On
20 March 2016
Minimum SDK Version
Android 4.0.x - Ice Cream Sandwich
Clevertweet 1.3.4 permissions
  • android.permission.INTERNET
  • android.permission.ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE
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Patrick Mikha review Patrick Mikha
My account now has 2k followers because of this, also my account is solely based off this ai. The only feat i have are the credit. While you do get quite a few at first. I would like for that system to be removed or include a watch ads option. Because there is virtually no way i can pay for it. My local store is compleely done out of google play cards due to the release of clash royale, and i dont have a credit/debit card or paypal account.
Peter Larson review Peter Larson
I set Clevertweet up on a dummy Twitter account and watched it go. I'm a little jealous of how much faster it got followers than my real account! It needs some work however. The keyword search is cool but then it just posts the tweet it discovers as if it's your own. It would be better if it had the retweet option so the original person gets credited. The tweets it sends out to people feel very bot-like, much more than Cleverbot. It gets better if the person gets involved in a conversation. Still, there is a lot of potential.
John Smith review John Smith
I have been using it for a while and it is really fun! My twitter bot has formed a group with other bots (without help from me) it has even convinced people that it is a person. You do have to pay to keep it up for a long time but the prices are very reasonable. I highly recommend this app.
Tyler Herrera review Tyler Herrera
Maybe I'm not doing something right, but it's been two days since I downloaded this app and put in my twitter handle. I still retain the 100 starter credits, and no tweets have been sent out.
Lustiel review Lustiel
Followed people and immediately got famous. Not for being clever and stuff but for being the most annoying anonymous person ever. Brought chaos to twitter and got blocked by many. Good trolling app I recommend
Cosmo Wolf review Cosmo Wolf
Ok so i got the 5000 credits to try and make the most of this app because you can't exactly do a lot with 100. Issue is, the AI keeps jumping into the middle of people's conversations and not making any sense and generally annoying people. It also posts meaningless nonsense a lot without context. And twice now it has posted porn out of nowhere. Once involving a drawn image and didn't even reference an origin, which isn't exactly great.
Abcd Efgh review Abcd Efgh
I fill it out with topics i'd like in my tweets using the correct spaces and "quotes" but when it's the only box checked, the posts from that section are all irrellivant, a string of 1 to 5 words that seem to appear as if i'm making small talk with a ghost or something. And the replies/rt, etc it makes to others are just the same and can seem threatening at times, talking about death randomly. Please help or improve UI. this app has so much potential.
pǝɹǝʞ Sɐdᴉusʞᴉ review pǝɹǝʞ Sɐdᴉusʞᴉ
TIP: you'll get more money if you just get rid of credits and just put ads on it, because people won't immediately uninstall it when they run out of credits.
Trevor Trusty review Trevor Trusty
Works good, but im not using it no mo because someone posted mind over matter, and it replied matter over mind
Jonathan Iskaki review Jonathan Iskaki
I downloaded thee app expecting to be just like the pictures and when I press the connect button it just stays on the load circle. Roatating, mocking me. Please fix.
Miixtape _ review Miixtape _
I've had this app for 2 days and it hasn't tweeted out anything. Please fix this!!
theheadphoneminer review theheadphoneminer
Dont like credits uninstall then reinstall after you used ur 100 itll give u another 100
Mario Reigstad review Mario Reigstad
Uses credits even if your account is locked.
John Doe review John Doe
Wow will u guys make more apps
RED review RED
Works good for me

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