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Description: Deutsche Grammatik PRO APK

This is the AdFree version of Deutsche Grammatik.
A concise german grammar with the most important rules, cases charts and grammatical structures. It is easy to use, with authentic examples and visually appealing tables. 100% Offline.

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◉ Ability to add your own notes.
◉ Exercises and test questions.
◉ Translated to german, english, spanish and turkish.
◉ Works without an internet connection.
◉ Find words with intelligent search.

- Definite article
- Indefinite article
- Negative Article

- Characteristics
- Masculine gender
- Femenine gender
- Neuter gender
- Plural

- Strong Inflexion
- Weak inflection
- Mixed inflection
- Comparison

- Interrogative pronouns
- Personal pronouns
- Reflexive pronouns
- Possesive pronouns
- Demostrative pronouns
- Relative pronouns
- Indefinite pronouns

- Accusative prepositions
- Dative prepositions
- Genitive prepositions
- Two way prepositions
- Preposition + article

- Auxiliary verbs
- Modal verbs
- Separable / inseparable
- Present perfect
- Konjunktiv II
- Imperative
- Verbs and prepositions
- Reflexive verbs
- Verbs A1/A2

- Cardinal numbers
- Ordinal numbers
- Date
- Time
- Calculations

- Word order
- Negation
- Main clauses
- Subordinate clauses
- Questions
- Future
- Passive
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