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Dragon Stadium

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Description: Dragon Stadium APK

Best Dragon Game Ever! All in stunning 3D. Breed your dragons and hatch your eggs to collect them all. Feed and evolve your dragons to increase their power level. Test your fighting skills in Quest Mode, and conquer all of the islands. Take on the Dragon Stadium and become the Master of Dragons!

* Build and upgrade habitats to host your growing dragon collection
* Breed and collect hundreds of unique dragons
* Evolve your dragons from newborn babies to their ancient form
* Master the family trees to collect the rarest dragons
* Battle through elemental islands to earn incredible rewards

PLEASE NOTE! Dragon Stadium is free to download and play, however, some items can be purchased with real money. If you don't want to use this feature, please disable in-app purchases in your device's settings. Network connection is required for playing.

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elDani Sama review elDani Sama
I find this game very fun and addictive. Some things, eventually become very difficult, but still enjoyable. Had an issue, but it got fixed. So a promised five stars!!
cassandra H review cassandra H
Fun and addictive- a little gem thirsty though- makes it difficult to advance at a reasonable pace, the portal dragons are very difficult to get and the pvp gliches out sometimes and the power buffs dont work the camera view gets mixed up and its hard to direct your dragon... not to mention my level 40 hollow dragon never comes back down after jumping in the air after a victory lol-- like the pirate multiple times a day bonus though...
Jamie Abernethy review Jamie Abernethy
Whenever I go to the quest map and start a battle, the game shuts off during the fight!!! When I return to the map, it says my dragons are now healing, and I have to wait to battle again!!! Please fix this!!!
Jessy Louise review Jessy Louise
I absolutely love this game, the dragons are adorable and id love to see more!! Please please please dont shut this game down :'( i love this game!!! I have so much food and coins that i need to get rid of please please please update the game!!! More islands more habbitats more castle upgrades and dragons!!! Please please please send through the updates!!!
Maddalin Reed review Maddalin Reed
I can't get the new island or upgrade my castle can't get the new elements having so much trouble
Scarlet Avenger review Scarlet Avenger
This game is super fun and I really enjoy it! I'm always excited for new updates because they always come up with exciting new changes!
tamara wade review tamara wade
My castle has reached level 10 and there is no option to go higher once and i mean once a pop up asked to level up but i didn't have the coins available at the time - SO can you fix the bug glitch or whatever and while your at it a second chance at the portal dragons would be nice i haven't gotten one and I've logged some hours on this game!!! Fix it and I'll give 5 stars again
Rachel Murray review Rachel Murray
It's fun to play but with the portal its way to hard to get the dragons that they want you to get,the time runs out way too fast.Game keeps going out on me and I can't do anything until they fix it and it's very upsetting.
Cory Krausher review Cory Krausher
One time portal dragons are a total joke i dont even have the required class of dragon and im forced to participate and needs something to prevent accidental gem useage.
Jessica Paolucci review Jessica Paolucci
One of my breeding caves is not working. 2 of my dragons have been stuck there for days now. Can't collect. Can't use them to battle. Please fix this! Still love this game but if I don't get to breed cancer until next year I'm done
warlord master review warlord master
I grow up playing dragon city and this game is great but i can't recover my old save because it will not connect to my Gmail which is annoying plz fix
Jason Brisbane review Jason Brisbane
Started toay and lost everything. Have level 8 castle and can buy one ice island finally got popsicle dragon and game crashes when you try to hatch it. Fix in next 24 hours or game is gone!
sierra benton review sierra benton
I love it I can't take my eyes off it but I can't upgrade my castle past level 11 is that it's limit?
nazia shafique review nazia shafique
flaming Phoenix lair review flaming Phoenix lair
Please help me breed dragons when I try breeding moss and the other dragon it won't work it would just breed some other dragon please please help me

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