Empire of Bones
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Empire of Bones

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Description: Empire of Bones APK

Power Never Perishes…

With the fall of the Ivory City, a century of war comes to an end. Yet, the end of the imperial bloodline also unravels a millennium of magic that knit the supercontinent of Cethurea into Tähn, the greatest empire the world has ever known. In the desperate vacuum rise cabals bent on remaking the dominion in its own image, each led by an aspiroi vying for a chance at the imperium.

From the game house that brought you “Blood Brothers,” “Chains of Durandal,” and “D.O.T.: Defender of Texel” comes “EMPIRE OF BONES,” a free-to-play card collection game with new dimensions. From a handful of gems, summon potent creatures to one of 5 positions on the board, and cast spells that sometimes backfire on the unwary. The artful creatures, each painstakingly sculpted by Japanese CG artists, bring the joy of miniature collecting right to your mobile screen. Whether played in real-time PvP or NPC mode, “Empire” is about short, intense strategy matches, illuminated by beautifully-crafted game pieces and a deep lore developed over a period of 2 years.

Play it today—and let empires rise.

- Choose from 2 FACTIONS—Chaotic or Lawful—with more to come!
- Combine 243 CREATURES AND SPELLS to create the ultimate cabal.
- Collect INDIVIDUALLY-SCULPTED playing pieces, viewable from every angle!
- Strategize with 5 BATTLE POSITIONS: the vanguard, the wings, and the rearguards.
- Elevate chosen creatures to ASPIROIS, leaders imbued with a special power.
- DUEL with friends, and battle opponents in your REGION and around the world!
- Hone your skills without ranking worries in the PRACTICE mode.
- Discover the EPIC STORY of Tähn with every creature you unlock!

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Dug W review Dug W
Doesnt even load, waste of time. What a joke.
Mark Balinang review Mark Balinang
The game looks ok
But it lags a lot
Dave review Dave
Can't start game
Installed & updated fine. Game loads to the screen where I have to enter my name, then crashes before keyboard pops up. Tried more than 1 keyboard
Kelvin Li review Kelvin Li
Can't install.
It won't let me install this game I keep getting error code: -505.
Airvin Roxas review Airvin Roxas
I will save the ratings hahaha
Guys it has just been released give it a break. CCG and TCG for life <3
edward mark review edward mark
Doesn't start
Like a dead horse it won't canter

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