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GCC - GeoCache Calculator

GCC - GeoCache Calculator v1.7.0 APK
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Android 1.6 - Donut
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Description: GCC - GeoCache Calculator APK

The GeoCache Calculator is a comprehensive tool for every active cacher! It contains over 250 different functions to calculate values and checksums, as well as tables and overviews for supporting your outdoor geocaching search. A tool which no cacher should miss!

GCC was in many reviews, podcasts and tests on different geocaching sites. The feedback was allways really good. The ratings at the market emphasize this. So, give GCC a try! :)

You will find the full feature list and changelog on:


ADFG(V)X (en-/decrypt)
Alpha Numeric
ASCII Converter
- Sun/Moon Rise/Set
- Easter Date
- Easter Years
- Seasons
- Shadow Calculator
Bacon (en-/decode)
Base16, 32, 64, 85 (en-/decode)
Caesar (en-/decrypt)
- Bearing
- Converter
- Distance
- Geohash
- Intersection Bearing
- Intersection Distance/Radius (two)
- Intersection Distance/Radius (three)
- Intersection Circle
- Intersection Lines
- Midpoint
- Projection
Cross Total
- A=1/Z=26
- A=26/Z=1
- interated
- alternating
- sum
- product
Deadfish (en-/decrypt)
e (Eulers number)
- Position
- Range
- Search
Formula Solver
- own formulas and values
- many mathematical functions
GC Base 31 (en-/decode)
- MD2
- MD4
- MD5
- RIPEMD-128
- RIPEMD-160
- SHA-1
- SHA 160, 254, 384, 512
- SHA-3 224, 254, 384, 512
- Tiger
- Whirlpool
- ...
Hint (en-/decode)
Kamasutra (en-/decrypt)
Kenny's Code (en-/decrypt)
Morse Code Translator
- Alchemical Symbols
- Ancient Egyptian Numbers
- Antiker
- Arcadian
- Atbash / Caesar
- ATH-Code
- Bacon's cipher
- Baudot
- Blox
- Brahmi
- Chappe-Code (optical Telegraph)
- Cherokee
- Cirth
- Code-Sun (mRNA)
- Colorhoney
- ColorTokki
- Daedric
- Dagger
- Decabit
- Dragon Runes
- Color Codes
- Finger Alphabet
- Flag Alphabet
- Fonic
- Freemasons Code
- Futurama
- Glagolitic
- Glagolitic Numerals
- Gargish
- Genreich
- Greek Numerals
- Lucky Numbers
- Gnommish
- Hexahue
- Hieratic Numbers
- Hylian
- Hymmnos
- Intergalactic Code
- Indian Numerals
- Japanese Numerals
- Klingon Language
- Krypton Language
- Magicode
- Marain
- Matoran
- Mathematics and Physics Constants
- Maya
- Maze
- Modern Hylian
- Moonalphabet
- Musical Notation System
- Ogam
- Periodic System
- Punisch
- Pipeline 3D
- Pixel Code
- Polybios Cipher
- Puzzle Code
- Reality
- Romulan
- Sarati
- Segment Displays
- Sexagesimal System
- Spintype Alphabet
- Sunúz
- Tenctonese
- Tom Tom
- Ulog
- Utopian Code
- Visitor
- Semaphore
- Yán-Koryáni
- Gypsy Signs
- Babylonian Numbers
- Barbier Alphabeth
- 8-Point Braille
- Deafblind
- Fakoo
- Sign Writing
- Greek Alphabet
- Lorm Alphabet
- Nießen Alphabet
- Quadoo
- ROT5
- Cyrillic
- Shutter Telegraph
- Enochian Alphabet
- Space Invaders
- Dancing Man Code
- Templar
- DTMF/MFV Signals
Numeric Systems
- Converter
- Base
- Table
- Negate Bases
- Floating Point Numbers
One Time Pad
Periodic System of Elements
Phone Keys
- Phone Number
- Vanity Code
- Input Keys
Phi (Golden Ratio)
- Position
- Range
- Search
Pi (Π)
- Position
- Range
- Search
Playfair (en-/decrypt)
Polybios (en-/decrypt)
Prime Numbers
- Number
- Nearest
- Position
- Is Prim
- Prime Factors
Rail Fence (en-/decrypt)
Resistor Color Code Calculator (4-Ring/5-Ring)
Roman Numeral
- Translator
- Chronogram
ROT5, 13, 18, 47
- En-/Decrypt
- 'E' Check
- 'D', 'N', 'φ' Calculator
- Prime Number Check
Skytale (en-/decrypt)
Solitaire (en-/decrypt)
Tap Code (en-/decrypt)
Tapir (en-/decrypt)
Vigenère (en-/decrypt)
Zuse Z22/CCIT2 (en-/decrypt)


- Four Themes
- Three Font Sizes
- Six Charsets
- Dynamic User-Interface
- English and german translation
- Fully integration of myGEOtools
- Complete offline usage
- No permissions on the device needed
- App 2 SD
- Tablet Ready
- Two Widgets
- Function Search
File Size
7.32 MB
Updated On
08 January 2016
Minimum SDK Version
Android 1.6 - Donut
GCC - GeoCache Calculator 1.7.0 permissions
GCC Pro - Donate Version apk
The GeoCache Calculator is a comprehensive tool for every active cacher! It
Hans Frederiksen review Hans Frederiksen
On phones without a hard / touch "options" button you get a soft / on-screen button (the three dots in a circle). Now, this button doesn't work properly. When you press it, the options appear for a fraction of a second and then dissappear, leaving you with no chance of using them, thus with no way of copying the results. Bet it can be easily fixed. Other than that, would have been a 5⭐
A Google user review A Google user
This is the best app for ARGs and other cryptographic purposes and puzzle solving purposes too. I make extensive use of this app even though I don't care about geocaching. Looking forward to moar features! It appears that the HAVAL Hash Functions crash the app when I try to use them. So I cannot text using them.
Lukáš Vávra review Lukáš Vávra
This is so full app with everything you need. Maybe I would like to tell you one thing. In Ceasar cipher would be nice add decipher to all of its possibility by one click. Like you do in coverting numeric systems. ;)
Andreas Kirchwitz review Andreas Kirchwitz
Offers tons of tables, decoders and other Geocaching tools. It's all there but it's difficult to find the one you need.
Brad Lee review Brad Lee
More hashing algorithms, hashing/cipher/decipher files, cipher bases changer (dec oct hex bin base32 base64 binhex ascii base85 dozenal base60 base20) StringKing app functions. Cipher keychain simillar to Gordian cipher tool app.
BrazBlue review BrazBlue
Serilously, everything else is super weak and this all does everything the other 90 geocaching tool apps do, all in one.
Jānis Emulis review Jānis Emulis
Amazing tool set. Definitely give it a try if you're into Geocaching. Helps solving basic mystery caches with ease
Malcolm Mc Donald review Malcolm Mc Donald
I really like this APP. At first glance it is terrifyingly confusing due to the multitude of buttons. Hint: Use the search function to look for keywords.
Huzef UR Rahman review Huzef UR Rahman
HAVAL Hash function is crashing. But otherwise it's an awesome app. Please include Psychometric charts, they are very useful.
Denis Dimick review Denis Dimick
Much more then simple GeoCache tools, more like a "one stop" app for just about anything you could want.
Παναγιώτης Γεωργόπουλος review Παναγιώτης Γεωργόπουλος
I tried rail fence, and the method is wrong! It is supposed to go down and up (\/\/\/\/) not down only (\\\\\)! After that my confidence was shattered and I did not bother checking out the rest...
Brad Donaldson review Brad Donaldson
Installed mainly for coordinate converting, but doesn't calculate correctly (different answers to other apps & websites). Spent hours thinking I'd got the cache puzzle wrong. Turns out the converter was wrong. Maybe not accurate for my area UTM zone (55H)? Tried Ellipsoid settings, but they didn't make any difference to the calculated result :(
A Google user review A Google user
Comprehensive, though could use guides and explanations. Also get this if you are interested in cryptography
Barbara Phillips review Barbara Phillips
I enjoy doing puzzle caches and use this a lot. The amount of ciphers and codes covered is astonishing.
Werner Beinhard review Werner Beinhard
I just would wish for a favorit option. A simple star next to the button will do the jop.

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