Horse Survival Simulator
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Horse Survival Simulator

Horse Survival Simulator v1.0 APK
Current Version
Android 2.3 - 2.3.2 - Gingerbread
42.55 MB
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Everyone 10+
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Description: Horse Survival Simulator APK

Do you love horses? Are you looking for an awesome 3D horse simulator game? This is it. Survive against the other wild animals in this high action horse simulator. Control this stallion as you traverse your way across this massive open world. The game is high action and fast paced, but you will feel yourself progressing as you find more family members and defeat the huge bosses. The name of the game is survival. Watch our for the enemy animals. Other animals included are Bat, Horse, Wolf Hound, Crocodile, Rabbit, and Bear. Race, run, win!

Top Features:

✓9 Different Enemies included
✓3 Different Times of Day, including rain
✓Huge Open World 3D Map with water, caves
✓Upgrade your Horse Strength, Stamina, and Speed.
✓4 Big Bosses to defeat

How the game works: The player starts out in their peaceful home. The goal is to find all 4 of your family members and defeat all the big bosses. The family members have been captured by the bosses, and you must free them. The horse must run around the huge open world, looking for creatures to hunt to build up meat points. The meat points can be turned in for upgrades to strength, stamina, and speed. As you defeat the bosses and collect family members, you will see them appear on your main page.

Rain, sunset, sunrise, and night conditions. No two games will ever be the same.
Stunning High Definition graphics bring this forest to life.
Fun controls and Addictive game play for hours of great realistic animal simulation.

This animal simulator has been designed with all ages in mind. We are in the process of creating a multiplayer version so you will be able to challenge your friends. Good luck!

Find us on Facebook:
Please check out our other 3D animal sims . We realize the app is not perfect, and we welcome your constructive criticism. At Wild Foot we are looking for things we can do to improve the app.
Please send your suggestions to [email protected]
File Size
42.55 MB
Updated On
12 January 2016
Minimum SDK Version
Android 2.3 - 2.3.2 - Gingerbread
Horse Survival Simulator 1.0 permissions
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Tiphoni McDiwill review Tiphoni McDiwill
Pretty decent,... But, some suggestions. Add more levels. Maybe make the horses different colors. Give a way to gain life back while playing (eating/drinking? Finding bonus items?) possibly add breeding to increase herd. Maybe rival stallions to fight and win their herd(family). Give the game a little more objective other than just finding 4 horses and killing everything. I d/led and completed the game in an hour.
Yale Carr review Yale Carr
Beat the bosses pretty quickly. All of the animals in the game are ridiculously easy to beat. Some of the animals don't make sense (wild dobermans? Random chickens, alligators) what continent are you going for? And why would horses need to collect meat? I love the idea of the game. But i think it would be better there were more wild horses (different types) so you can grow your herd. More challenges and more things to do. Maybe instead of collecting meat maybe just give points.
Fam Bamz review Fam Bamz
GREAT GAME BUT I DIE LIKE EVERY 2 SECONDS GRRRRR. Whenever i run my health goes down so fix it plezzzz. p.s maybe you could make it better by letting pple create the horse (smiley face)
Gillian Clarke review Gillian Clarke
It's a very cool game but why do you take damage when you run? Please fix it. Also why can't you eat or drink? You loose heath when your not even moving! You been to fix this game. And the only reason that I rated 4 stars is because of all the reasons above. If you fix the then I will rate 5 stars! Hope you read this!
Choco 5521 review Choco 5521
Its overall a good game, I like the graphics and controls, and the idea is nice, but the fact that as you're running around your health is going away is kind of annoying. If there was a way to raise your health, like eating a plant or something the game would be better. Also, add some more things to do after getting your whole family. After you beat the game there is nothing to do but uninstall, so at least add some goals for after you get your family. Thanks.
jennifer gust review jennifer gust
Everything is Awsome. You should get this app! But theres a lot of adds that show up while you are playing, besides the adds you watch to get meat, anything besides that is Awesome! Also please add more bosses I killed them all in 3 days
Sierra Levesque review Sierra Levesque
The horses have no attack effect on anything. All your "bosses" have to do is walk up to you and you die. Dumbest and most irritating game ever. Flappy Bird is more goal and objective oriented than this game.
Danni Nyghtmare review Danni Nyghtmare
It says it's a horse survival game but it's a total lie. You can't eat or drink anything to regain health. You die from just running. Also you collect meat? Why would a horse need meat???
Gaby.Maria. Young review Gaby.Maria. Young
You go around and kill things with your horse and, you also find bosses and save other horses. It keeps track of how many things you have killed and you get to upgrade your horse! But they shout at least to son thing else the run around and kill things after you killed all of the and collected your hole family. But... AWESOME GAME!!!
It's a stupid game I get near one of the horses and there all crowded witg bosses but when I try ti kill them they kill me wat to fast .
Jill Schwenning review Jill Schwenning
OK... so it looks really stupid at first, and is difficult to figure out what to do. You will find that you will lose your health very quickly. You will kill animals and get meat. I thought that I was supposed to eat the meat right away, but you will use it to upgrade your health and other things when you click on the upgrade button when you die. I love it! It seems difficult at first and confusing, but if you stick with it, you won't regret it! Awesome game.
Corneil Heerschap review Corneil Heerschap
I shouldn't even give this game any stars! It's SO boring. All you do is run around this map trying to kill a fox or a bear or a wolf with your horse by rearing and they end up killing you anyway. And when you run your health goes down so fast that if you run for 30 seconds you will kill your horse. Believe me, it's a waste of time. It nothing like the pictures show. Very very very dumb game.
Brandy Robbins-Horne review Brandy Robbins-Horne
The game is so easy that I have had it for less then a day and I'm almost done. Also, it keeps have glitches. I think I'm gonna just delete it. All it's doing is taking up room on my phone for things that are actually fun and challenging.
Brandi Nevius review Brandi Nevius
You die for no reason and there is really no point to it. Do not waste your time to even downloads it.
Leianna Mckeever review Leianna Mckeever
Its a very well made game but how to you eat things because horses can't eat meat because they just don't but how do you eat to keep your health up????? This has really been bothering me.

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