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Description: iQuran APK

** iQuran will now be sold for a fraction of its original price, down to $1.99 from $6.99. InshAllah
** the new price effectively makes iQuran 'free' as it now reflect only some of the costs we need to cover for
** the fast and excellent audio download service we provide. We thank you for your support all these years.
** BarakAllahufikum and Ramadan Kareem.

Read the Holy Quran in Arabic alongside its translation. Provides verse by verse audio playback, color coded Tajweed, repeat functions, unlimited bookmarks, search, excellent navigational controls, several translations and reciters and much more.

NOTE: Permission to "read phone state" is only required in order to pause recitation in case the phone rings or in case you place a call while recitation is playing in the background.

With iQuran you enjoy:

* Color coded Tajweed (Pronunciation) Rules, the first and only Qur'an software to offer live rendered Tajweed rules.
* Zoom-in feature to enlarge Arabic script
* Full landscape support
* Unlimited bookmarks and tags with notes
* Several translations
* Quranic Supplications
* A powerful full-text search engine
* Several downloadable recitations for verse by verse recital (supports gapless/continuous recitation for all reciters except Husary)
* Powerful audio controls with an option to group playback of verses to aid in memorization

iQuran provides the following translations:
* English & Transliteration
* German
* French
* Indonesian
* Urdu (requires OS 3.0+)
* Farsi (requires OS 3.0+)
* Melayu
* Spanish
* Turkish
* Russian
* Bosnian
* Dutch
* Italian
* Albanian
* Romanian
* Japanese

Included reciters are:
* Sheikh Husary
* Mishary Al-Afasy
* Saood & Shuraim
* Abu Bakr Ash-Shatree
* Abdul Basit
* Ghamdi
* Mahir Al-Muayqali

iQuran has been designed to work on all Android devices.
iQuran Lite apk
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Rizwan Ansari review Rizwan Ansari
Clean interface and great features. It will be even better if following features are added : 1 - Online storage of bookmarks and label. Recently I lost all my bookmarks due to memory card corruption which wouldn't be had it been stored centrally. 2 - Clear indication of para (section) out of 30 we are on. If we are reading a particular Surah there is no easy way to find out.
Azam Mohammed review Azam Mohammed
Allhamdulillah the app is very good. It is very helpful in memorising quran. I just keep listening to a ayat or group of ayats until I memories them. Just want to suggest couple of features. There should be a way to select or input specific number of ayats (ex: 12) to be repeated, now we can select only 10 or 15 ... ayats. Also there should be a way to repeat selected surahs, ex: I want to play surahs 86, 91 & 94 and repeat them in same order. Jazakhallah.
Zulkarnain Salim review Zulkarnain Salim
Alhamdulillah. I download it for free years back. Afterwhich i decide to purchase them. It has been with me since then whenever i reset my hp or changed them. Yes i would agree if there is some improvement in saving the bookmarks or notes. Hopefully the developer will do some advancement to it. May Allah bless the developers and those who have made this app for Muslim all around the world.
Amir Mohammed review Amir Mohammed
The app is excellent however it really needs to have a facility to back up settings, notes and bookmarks. I spent hours reading and making notes for future use and then my phone crashed, and I purchased a new phone, but there was no way to retrieve all my hours of reading and work. May Allah SWT reward all of you who work on this App.. But this addition would be a great asset.
Mubarik Jan review Mubarik Jan
Very nice app. السلام عليكم و رحمةالله وبركاته Ghunna and ikhfa having almost same colour. Very difficult to differentiate. Should have been two contrast colors as this is important in tajweed. Word جنت two different colors looking almost same. Also request for adding translation of mufti taqi usmani whose pdf/ text file in English only is easily available on net
Sonik Soundworks Mastering review Sonik Soundworks Mastering
The translitetation needs to be paired up with the English or other respective languages so we know exactly what it is we are reading. It would also be nice to include the Sahih International English translation as it is more a modern form of english that is easier to understand. In sha Allah these can be added and if nothing more pair up the translitetation so it becomes useful as us non arabic speakers have too memorize in 2 languages.
Mohamed review Mohamed
One of the greatest discoveries I've ever stumbled upon. This app is a true delight in every sense of the word. And to think that the full version is going for a little more than a £1. Immediately bought to show some love! But definitely getting back far more love than I could ever give! A sincere thank you from the people of the world!
Hamsiah Baidawi review Hamsiah Baidawi
Can't repeat specific group of ayah
I have been using the paid app for a few years on various devices. Great app but the only problem is you can't repeat a specific group of verses. There's an option to 'play next 5/10 verses' and repeat but repeat will not include the first verse. Ie play verse 1, select play next 10 verses and repeat - app will play verse 1 to 11 and then repeat from verse 2 - 11, skipping verse 1. It would be better to be able to manually select which verses to play on repeat as a tool to aid memorization. Thank you.
TaDa D review TaDa D
Great but....
This is the best quran app out there. Or at least the best I could find. The interface is great, the design is plesant and simple. It functions without any problems on my galaxy s5. I am giving the app 5 stars because is great the way it is. However I wish you could add some things that would make the app flawless: 1.add, delete, rename, rearange tags. for now you can add and delete them but the UI is not the best in this case. I really love the tags. It helps me kinda highlight the parts that I want to re
A Google User review A Google User
A convenient and accurate way to increase your ibadaat
I now read Quran almost daily because of this app. Alhamdu Allah, the format helps me read at my own pace, follow tajweed signs, learn from master recitations, and sometimes just sit back and listen for the sheer pleasure of it all. Jzakum Allahu khayran! May your team get all the reward you deserve when this app is used to worship Allah(SWT), in sha Allah.
Riyaz Moosa review Riyaz Moosa
Great app (purchased pro version) but needed to know how i can use the chapter by chapter (juz) feature on android. Unfortunately when i choose any chapter it stops at the end of a surah within the chapter i choose, and does not allow me to finish off the whole chapter. Have filled online form at guidedways and also tried to reach developers through twitter but 6 weeks on and no response as yet... However, the app design is very good.
At-Tadabbur - Contemplate review At-Tadabbur - Contemplate
since changin my phone to a Samsung Note 4 the fonts arent so comfortable (too small) to read. been usin iquran for more than a year n its been a great help for me. i hope u can find a better suited way to adjust the font size on the higher resolution devices. cant move the audio files to external sdcard on tab note8/note3/note4.
Zaid Mirza review Zaid Mirza
The best Quran app!
This app is absolutely amazing. I have been using it for years now and it has always been an easy way for me to keep my connection with the Qur'an. One thing I find which can use some improvement is the ability to select a single ayah for playing it. A single tap doesn't select the ayah and if you hold on the ayah it opens another menu on the top for bookmarking and the like. Then u have to back out to finally play the selected ayah. The previous version did not have this shortfall. In any event, 100% Go!
Nur Alnuraman review Nur Alnuraman
I like this app, it has everything as it was described. Though i have two suggestions: one is to add different font sizes because it is a little hard for me to read letters. I had an iPhone and I could change the font sizes of this app on iphone. I thought this one might have font size change ability as well as ios( version iQuran. Though it doesnt. The second suggestion: if you add Kazakh translation of the Quran that would be wonderful.
asmat khan review asmat khan
Few requests please if you may. Could you please add ayat recognition where سجده تلاوت are, second could you have only sheikh sudais audio as well, rather then shared with different sheikh. Thirdly can you please include Urdu translation of imam Ahmed raza Khan alhindi عليه رحمه famously known as KANZUL IMAAN and mufti Ahmed yaar naeemi Urdu commentary /transliteration. Fifthly I've noticed that when I download all audio in one go, end part of ayat is missed, sometimes few letters sometimes more.

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iQuran Lite apk
** iPray for Android FREE for a LIMITED time
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