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Life of Spider

Life of Spider v1.1 APK
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Android 2.3 - 2.3.2 - Gingerbread
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Description: Life of Spider APK

***** Life of Spider *****

Beware Arachnophobes, the Spiders are coming!! Control your very own spider in this huge insect world. Establish your spider colony, feed the Queen, find Worker and attack arachnids, and go out in search of the insect bosses. The ultimate insect simulator you have been looking for. Fun gameplay, Smooth controls, and high quality 3D graphics.

Enter the insect world as a spider and build your colony. Finding worker spiders will help to establish your colony. When you find 6, the Queen will arrive. When your colony is large enough, the queen will arrive. You will also find yourself in head to head battles against Ant colonies, Rhino Beetles, Ladybugs, Praying Mantis, Wasp, and Honey Bees, and Scorpion.

Top Game Features:
✸✸ Fast paced and action packed animal simulator
✸✸ High quality graphics and realistic map
✸✸ Part survival and part animal simulator
✸✸ Huge 3D Insect World Map
✸✸ Open World Style RPG game
✸✸ Call your colony members when you are near your enemies
✸✸ Realistic wild insect sound effects and real weather effects

Here's how to play:

Part 1 : Build your Spider Colony
--Find 6 Worker
--Find 6 Attack Spiders
--Feed your Queen
--Fight a few ants and bees

Part 2 : Find and Defeat the Bosses
--Bosses include Rhino Beetle, Giant Ants, Praying Mantis, Bees, Ladybug, Spider, and Scorpion.

Part 3 : Defeat the enemy Spider Clans

Part 4 : Locate and Defeat the Super Bosses

Be sure to check us out on Facebook :

Thanks for all the great feedback Wildfooters!!. We love hearing from you. We are super excited about our latest insect series of games - aptly called "Insecto". This game is the first in a series of game with insects and bugs. Be sure to send us an email at [email protected] and let us know how we are doing. Thanks for playing, have fun!!

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File Size
36.07 MB
Updated On
18 April 2016
Minimum SDK Version
Android 2.3 - 2.3.2 - Gingerbread
Life of Spider 1.1 permissions
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  • android.permission.INTERNET
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A Google user review A Google user
Well I think that it doesnt really have to be exactly how actual spiders live like it doesn't have to be have all the things that real spiders do but I do like the game because it haves all these challenges also sometimes I get really frustrated and mad but the thing I don't like is when they put so many ads because like ur in the middle of a game and a ad has to come up and u want to keep playin but other than that I like it
Bradley McMillan review Bradley McMillan
Liked the game
I liked the game but i beat it in one day total amount of time playing it maybe an hour lol it was kind of hard at first because of how easily you died and there wasent that much instructions on how to play the game but what kept me from giving it 5 stars was how many stupid ads there were and the game lacked detail and lacked expansion like online play and it was extremely easy to beat once you got the hang of it... Like i said before it prob took me like a total of an hour maybe a lil bit more of gameplay
Brogrue Lebou review Brogrue Lebou
Realistic lacking
Spiders dont live in colonies, they dont carry stuff on their backs, queen spiders dont exist, you get hungry far too fast, they can go months without eating, and im pretty sure the type of spider you play as spins webs and is mostly off the ground and dont eat stuff laying around. Seems more like im playing an ant game not sipers. Needs alot of fixing.
David Pro review David Pro
Terrible, this game has terrible graphics, it's glitchy, and when you get to the Super Bosses (Ant and Scorpion) THERE'S NO ENTERANCE, you can only somehow glitch through. So I give this game 2 stars, if you somehow see this, then fix it, and you'll get 5 stars.
KNoX review KNoX
What in the hell just happened?
I was walking around, looking for food I guess. That's what it told me to do anyway. Then all of a sudden, i drop dead! Just, poop. Fell over dead. I wasn't hungry I don't think. Anyway, this game is stupid, you can't even climb or make a Web or anything like a spider actually does. You walk around like an anti, which is basically what this game is, one of their other games re-skinned. Losers, make a new game when you make a new game. Lazy devs can't do it right. You guys suck.
House Tab review House Tab
It is awesome!
You can kill a lot of animals
Jaclyn Combe review Jaclyn Combe
Stop playing ads during the game!!!
I love this game but hate that it stops while you are playing to show an ad. Far enough having ad before you start or to earn extra adventure points but not while you are playing! Please fix this its ridiculous
Shi Yang review Shi Yang
Good game !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Joshua Camara review Joshua Camara
Just what I have been waiting for
I love animal Sims and there are a lot of interesting ones out there on mobiles (way more than on any other platform) but I could never find a decent spider one and I looooove spiders. So just thanks for making such an awesome game, I haven't put it down yet. Tons of fun, and good amount of things to do to keep u busy while u build ur army of spiders!!!! :) <3
vivian tobias review vivian tobias
I like arachnids spiders are arachnids
Spiders are my 2nd favorite arachnid scorpion is my first favorite arachnid
santiagorap09 pogi review santiagorap09 pogi
Eric Rogers review Eric Rogers
oops I was under the wrong account. Lol I do enjoy this game but I wish I could find where the food is or what the food looks like otherwise I would rate this game 5 stars :-) some kind of hint in these ratings would help.
Angel review Angel
This really needs a tutorial. I had no idea what most of the different controls meant. I didn't even understand how to fight the ant! I understood the attack button, but it didn't work. I tried repeatedly tapping it, holding it down, and just taking it once, and none of that did any damage! It is also not very realistic. Spiders don't live in colonies, nor do they have a queen. Regardless, it was a pretty decent game overall, it just needs a few adjustments.
bracket Scrap review bracket Scrap
This game is great and a creative idea about spiders having queen. The attack spiders are over powered too. They can take out enemies quickly. So far i've been playing this non stop. Thanks for the sim!
Gonovo review Gonovo
Terrible, this game has terrible graphics, it's glitchy, and when you get to the Super Bosses (Ant and Scorpion) THERE'S NO ENTERANCE, you can only somehow glitch through. So I give this game 2 stars, if you somehow see this, then fix it, and you'll get 5 stars.

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