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Mormon Channel Kids

Mormon Channel Kids v4.0.4 APK
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Description: Mormon Channel Kids APK

Tap into fun with Mormon Channel Kids, an interactive storybook app.

* Toss a snowball, make a snow angel, and conduct a train as you swipe through The Coat, A Mother’s Hope, andThe Old Shoemaker.

* Read as a family or let the app do the storytelling for you with video and audio playback.

* Let beautiful animation, music, and narration immerse you in the stories.
File Size
3.93 MB
Updated On
13 January 2016
Minimum SDK Version
Android 4.0.x - Ice Cream Sandwich
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  • android.permission.INTERNET
  • android.permission.WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE
  • android.permission.WAKE_LOCK
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Nate Woodward review Nate Woodward
These is a great start, and like another reviewer mentioned, has lots of potential, but it's not there. The stories are fun, but there are only about 5 available, and no activities or games. Interactivity is good, but not intuitive, you can never tell where to tap or what it will do. And finally, the home screen is portrait only while all of the stories are landscape only, which is a significant design problem in my opinion. Hope to see improvement!
Amaree Matthews review Amaree Matthews
There is great potential with this app, and I'm excited to see where it goes. I'd love to see games and activities, perhaps some from the Friend, and matching games, etc, along with the stories. Also, as a previous reviewer commented, flipping the page isn't as easy as it could be. I look forward to seeing where this goes as a nice resource for my children!
Jonathan Pugmire review Jonathan Pugmire
Nice start but it is pretty large for what it's simplicity. Please add church themed games, activities and more stories. Knowing what actually moves or is interactive is not intuitive especially for young children. Turning pages is touchy. Needs a way to provide feedback.
Nikki Cottam review Nikki Cottam
Looks great! The old Mormon channel took my kids to YouTube, which kind of worried me sometime. Where is the bullying movie? It'd be better if the rest of the kids videos were there. ;)
Jill Bohanick review Jill Bohanick
I just saw that this is available. I am so excited to use this, during sacrament when my 6 yo has the wiggles. I have no doubt that this is an awesome app. To use any time, any where. Upon opening the app and having my daughter take a look at it, she loves it, however, that being said, I wish there was more like maybe child friendly scriptures, or more for the kids to do, ie: learning activities, games, word searches etc. I still love it though and I'm sure the videos will be changed out
Matthew Davis review Matthew Davis
Has this app been abandoned? My kids love the 5 stories and know every word but would like new ones
Christopher Bloom review Christopher Bloom
It is wonderful that they are creating these apps for our children. Much better then some of the other apps they could be downloading and helps them feel the spirit.
Ryan W review Ryan W
We like it so far, but I would have expected the nativity story to be more accurate considering the source of this app. (E.g. The wise men didn't come to the manger)
sara bella review sara bella
If you are just listening to the stories then I would give it a 5 for good illustration, great voice. But for children who can read it is a bother to have to pull up the menu to keep changing to the next page, instead of having an arrow to move forward. All three are good stories. We will be keeping an eye on this for updates :-)
Jeremiah Yeap review Jeremiah Yeap
Couldn't download anything at all. Whenever I select one story to download, it would prompt me to connect to the Internet to download. I always keep my Internet connected so I find this ridiculous.
Holly Lebeck review Holly Lebeck
Great app. I'd like to see more of The Friend site games on here, matt &mandy too. Can people with improvement ideas contribute through The Vineyard- lds church volunteer site?
Aaron Nelson review Aaron Nelson
Could use more content, but I'm sure that's soon to come, also wish it had a music channel like the Mormon Channel app. Otherwise a great start for a new app for kids!!
Graham Greenhalgh review Graham Greenhalgh
This App is a must have for anyone who feels a need to feel closer to God. He Will keep his Promises. Learn to understand about God by reading his words. Hard to put down once you start.
Crystal Mills review Crystal Mills
I am so happy there are more of these coming out now, my kids love this :)
Jeremy Opie review Jeremy Opie
From what I have seen so far this is a well put together app we can use during FHE to help our kids

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