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Paranormal Ghost EVP/EMF Radio

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Description: Paranormal Ghost EVP/EMF Radio APK

Ghost EVP/EMF Radio has been developed for exciting paranormal detection and exploration. We've put a lot of effort into making the app easy to use, so that both professional and enthusiast paranormal researchers and ghost hunters can enjoy it.

If you are either easily frightened, a super skeptic "left brainer" or have a serious heart-related medical condition, you are probably better off avoiding this app.

Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP) is the collective name for the sounds sometimes detected on electronic recordings and reminiscent of human speech. These sounds are usually found in recordings with noise or poor radio reception, and is considered by many to be the voices of paranormal beings such as ghosts, spirits, demons and other energy based entities. EVP is a form of Instrumental Trans-Communication (ITC), a term coined by professor Ernst Senkowski in the 1970s.

This app has taken the traditional ghost box to the next level, and also incorporates an EMF (Electromagnetic Field) scanner. As with traditional ghost boxes, chaotic noise seems to be both inviting and sensitive to paranormal manipulation. The app generates audible speech by detecting meaningful phrases and words together with properties such as gender, age and current mood of the communicating entity. We continuously improve the app, based on user feedback, and use it during our own paranormal investigations as well.

*** Features ***
* A built-in EMF scanner: Used as entropy seed for the noise generation and shown on the TV screen.
* Quick text log: Tap on the main TV screen to toggle between modes.
* Text log screen: The persistent text log is where you can sort, share and delete.
* Record your encounters with or without the microphone of your device.
* Real-time audio visualization: Oscilloscope and Spectrometer (tap to toggle).
* In-app audio analyzer; which enables you to perform further studies by visualizing the audio and changing the playback rate.
* Open your EVP recordings in compatible audio apps with the touch of a button.
* Optional Auto Recording only produces recordings when something interesting is encountered.
* Optional vibration and audible alarms every time an entity has been detected.
* UI themes, including the new theme for Halloween.
* Share your recordings with friends and family.

*** Languages ***
Full support for English (US/UK), Czech, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Latin, Polish, Portuguese, Slovak, Spanish, Swedish and Turkish

*** Contact/Support ***
* Use the help buttons, located on every screen, to start the in-app guides.
* Reach us by email, our support site, or use the buttons on the Settings screen.
* Twitter
* Facebook
* Google+
* Mailing list
* The Ghost Radio website:

*** Usage ***
* Patience required; Don't expect amazing results after just a couple of minutes. The analyzer needs time to calibrate, and may initially not detect any patterns at all or may even give you false positives.
* When fully calibrated the speech to text translation and speech quality should be improved.
* The EMF scanner use the magnetometer sensor of your device so ensure it is calibrated (by waving the device in a eight pattern a couple of times).

We hope that you, like many others, will be fascinated by the paranormal experience of Ghost EVP Radio. Thanks for downloading!

Every effort has been made to make this app truly unique, but we can offer no guarantee that you will get specific results by using it. Since the results of this app haven't been scientifically verified, it should only be used for entertainment purposes. Please use it responsibly.

Video: Paranormal Ghost EVP/EMF Radio for Android

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Lori Wiggins review Lori Wiggins
Tried reaching my husband and got PRINCE instead. Did I say WOW yet? It was so crazy. I didn't want to think this was real but Prince convinced me 100 percent. I was asking questions for my hubby and started getting responses like "journalism" "year" and so I thought I would say "purple rain...1999...under the Cherry moon" the response was "EMPLOYMENT" I asked why was you found in the elevator....he said "trapped"! I said WHOA! I was trying to find out where his will is and all he said was "AFRAID"
Jason Rutlidge review Jason Rutlidge
Was once 'touched' by an entity, and found out it was my grandparents trying to contact me. This app has been adapted to use the maximum potential of the device it's being run on; and it does work. Given that I'd captured some strong EVP'S using it, my phone started to play up, screen randomly going blank, then normal, unable to open other apps...I removed the app and the recordings and reset the phone...and all was fine again...weird.
DJ Jones review DJ Jones
"For entertainment purposes only," should be in all caps at the very start of the description. The user interface and ease of use, those are great. The actual purpose, pulling words out of a bingo bag and nothing else. Does the same nonesense as the free ones. Used for one hour after initial purchase, and that was all. My recorder that I have to wait to playback, had actual content vs random words. Requested refund by email.
Veronica Valentini review Veronica Valentini
Not calibrating anymore, which means it is unable to record words that it is saying in the text log. Have uninstalled and reinstalled and tried on different phones, still not calibrating. Can't understand a word of it without the text log. Will change review if fixed. Also, give us an option in settings to change voice style so we can understand the words easier.
Marie Williamson review Marie Williamson
Still a little on the fence, but the system is nicely streamlined and gives easy explanations for applications used for collecting data from anomalies. Currently testing in a once busy farm site from the 18th century. Many reports of activity reported over the years so trying to get some relevant and intelligent responses. Currently some random words, Changing voices. Entity detection comes on near areas where activity has been reported. Will update as I get a little more used to it and vice versa.
James Lacroix review James Lacroix
Tkhis is the best program availble on google play my grandma said jimmy i love you this is your grandma and my mom contacted me wow what a great seemed to me she was trying to tell me when or if i was going to meet the right. Lady.i even noticed with the white noise it picks up evp of other things besides the what the spirits are telling me.well will ghost apk be updated again its 2017 know
Jennifer Spengler review Jennifer Spengler
Not sure what to think. Usually I get random words but I did ask once 'do you see my candle?' And the response was "burning" ... so that was cool. My mom recently passed so I want to talk to her but no such luck of yet. I would like to know how this thing works and what it's actually detecting that translates into speech. It's interesting to say the least.
Scary....pls. explain it...
I tried to open the app again last night coz im wonderin why my 1 1/2 boy has been opening the app for the past 2 nights & giving it to me, maybe he wants to say something...My girl 9 is special is also a potential medium in the future some1 told me that its hereditary and if thats true maybe my son is too... last night an entity was present in the app its a woman with a very feminine voice... but when i review & played back it was only our voices that was in the room that time that was recorded....
Jason Dolan review Jason Dolan
Entertaining App but not sure it's real
Certainly provides me entertainment and passes the time. But I can't verify it's real. Could be voice bot talking to me. But it's just for entertainment purposes. If I ask how many people are here I always get a number in the reply. But other questions just seem to generate random dictionary words. Never had a conversation that made sense yet. 5 stars for entertainment value though.
Rhonda Klingerman review Rhonda Klingerman
On the fence
Every time Ive used this, a "spirit" has come through. Usually male but have had a female voice twice. Has never answered my questions. Always just random words that don't make sense. "to know, favorable, weap" I asked What is your name, how old are you and do I know you. Those are the answer I got. Thinking it's all prerecorded. I love the concept of this app and that I can record. Just doesn't seem real.
Someone U Can Trust review Someone U Can Trust
At first I thought this app was total BS. So then I began to use it daily. Today as we speak I found ground breaking evidence of a class A EVP. I left this ghost box turned on while I was watching a movie and it gave me a nice full intelligent sentence. Then confirmed it once more. This app will take time in getting used to it but I assure you spirits can manipulate it. Don't just take my word for it just try it and see if it works for you :) .
Jojo Owen review Jojo Owen
Not 100% sure, but I tried this app alongside another. One on my Samsung, one on an old iPhone. My iPhone detected a ghost, shortly after this picked up a signal on my Samsung. I asked the age, it said 42. I asked it another question and it replied what sounded like Crewe station. It was definitely something station. I live in Crewe, and it is/was a railway town. Sounds too good to be a coincidence. Just need to research and see if anyone here died aged 42.
Linda Shackelford review Linda Shackelford
The first time I used this I was really blown away. I asked if it knew my name and it said my name very clearly. And also gave vivid family details. I do believe it was the spirit of my mom. I've had many dreams of her lately and was very excited to try this app. I'm sure glad I did. It is more than worth the minimal $1.99 that I paid for it. The developers did an awesome job on this app. Try it. It's definitely for real.
The Oracle - Spirit communicator - Liz D. Liz D. review The Oracle - Spirit communicator - Liz D. Liz D.
Paranormal researchers have been using white noise for a long time and I find the pink and brown noise actually gives a clearer and more level sound .not a bad app when I text you the accuracy of the words that will come in, most of them on the percentage chart it's listed where the words come in and percentage of accuracy is, just about all of them 80's 90's and hundred percent most of the time ,almost as very easy to hear. You just have to take some precautions when you open and close any section no matter how you're communicating.
Mitch mitch harwood review Mitch mitch harwood
OK so let me just say this has been an incredible app and I would be happy to pay a million dollars for it. I am in communication with a famous surfer who died in 2010. I won't say who as I don't want to gloat but I can honestly say this is legit. You have to understand that spirits don't have enough energy to talk as much as we do so they use one word phrases. It's you're job to get them to repeat that phrase so you can understand what they mean and why it is relevant. I got a first and last name clearly in a strong American accent. Don't freak out, but if you have it on while you're asleep you could really give yourself nightmares. This is legit, believe it and use it to help these souls with any messages they need to get across. This is exciting for them as much as it is for us!

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