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Description: Pewdiebot APK

Hey, how's it going brobots?! I'm Pewdiepie!

I don't know if you really want to talk to me, but now's the time to find out.

Yup, Pewdie has done Evie. But now I AM an Evie! Help, Pewds is scared!

I'm not JUST an Evie. This app has my own voice - Hey, give it back, bro!

I do more than put on silly expressions - see some of the store pics.

And I say a lot of Poodish things, as well as everything else!

And ohhh, is it Easter yet?

Pewdiebot learns from people, so things said can sometimes seem inappropriate. Use at your own risk.
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Chris Klutts review Chris Klutts
It takes a couple seconds for the app to both answer, and for you to type. Also you don't hear Pewdiepie's voice most of the time. It's a bit late for me to refund, due to me hoping the app would get better. But the app sadly didn't get better.
A.Y review A.Y
the answers are hilarious and unpredictable! would like speech recognition though. overall this app has tiny room for improvment and has some small bugs but it's still definitely worth the 4 dollars.?
Karim Lehnert-B'lal review Karim Lehnert-B'lal
The typing is a little glitchy but the bot itself is ok. A lot of people don't understand that this app just came out and the ai still needs to learn from users. I was expecting it to be alot worse. If you ask it fairly simple questions most of the time the answers will make sense. I like the easter egg feature, I think it is a fun thing that stands out amongst all the other bots. Over all I think it is a fun little app but there is lot's of room for improvement. If you have a crappy phone, bad mouth sync.
Jillian J review Jillian J
I noticed it's rather laggy on my phone, so it makes it pretty difficult to type. Also, there's no option to be able to click on a word to move the cursor in case of a typo, so I have to retype the whole sentence if I mess something up. I'd really love the ability to use voice to text like Felix demonstrated in his youtube video, because it seems like it would be more immersive than typing. Should have refunded it, but I waited too long, sadly.
Extreme Killer review Extreme Killer
I bought this app becuase i like pewdiepie, but voice is not very good and sometimes reactions are weird . I know pewdiepie know about that and id be glad for update :D
Kaiii review Kaiii
I'm actually really proud of Pewds for getting another game together, it takes a lot of time and money. The app runs ok, and Pewds does say some really random and weird things, but overall it's a fun game to play, and hilarious as well
Dora Bujor review Dora Bujor
The app still needs some finishing here and there but it's very well done! Very much like the other bots XD
Real Mean90 review Real Mean90
Sometimes it says random things but I still love it :) I'vs just bought it, I'm so curious to discover the Easter eggs!
Isaac Sharman review Isaac Sharman
Keyboard lag is CRAZY. The responses are random and inconsistent. You can sing songs tho, which is pretty cool.
Squidward The Octopus review Squidward The Octopus
Yes this game is buggy I'll admit that but it's surely fun talking to poods! I'll give it 5 stars once it updates and fixes lags and bugs ?
Birchwood Cats review Birchwood Cats
I love this app. It never fails to make! me laugh. I would definatly reccomend this to anyone who loves Pewdiepie!!
bennyhockley review bennyhockley
What a waste of money. This has to be the most ridiculous app on this app store. Don't even bother buying it or if you wanna try it see if you can get a torrent for it but i guarantee that you will end up deleting it. I bought it and deleted it all within 3 minutes.
Kyshawn Williams review Kyshawn Williams
This is a really cool game and you suck ass and your mom does to
Bea De Ferreira review Bea De Ferreira
Sometimes it can make nonsense what he says, but it is pretty fun, and nothing is perfect so... great app!
David Dorr review David Dorr
All the dialog is muffled and not many lines BUT I heard of updates

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