Phazon Corruption - ALPHA
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Phazon Corruption - ALPHA

Phazon Corruption - ALPHA v0.3.0 APK
Current Version
Android 4.0.x - Ice Cream Sandwich
1.26 MB
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Description: Phazon Corruption - ALPHA APK

Tendrils of phazon, inspired by the end credits of (a game whose name I can not say because Google will not let me, but it rhymes with Netroid Frime and features a Space Pirate hunter), fill your device's screen and react to your touch! Configure many aspects of the wallpaper to generate completely different looks and effects!

Still an early release; there are bound to be bugs. Please report them if you find them, or send suggestions if you have them!

File Size
1.26 MB
Updated On
21 March 2018
Minimum SDK Version
Android 4.0.x - Ice Cream Sandwich
Phazon Corruption - ALPHA 0.3.0 permissions
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Charlie Skinner review Charlie Skinner
The big 'N' as you called them, should be honored by the quality of the apps you create, not threatened by some silly copyright notion. I personally think your work is brilliant, and they should be grateful for fans to program anything that pays tribute to their stuff. I never played any "big N" games, but your clock app and others have actually made me interested, so these companies should be thanking you!
Daniel Ramirez review Daniel Ramirez
I personally loved this app (I mean, what's not to like?). It has everything you could ever hope for when it comes to a Metroid Prime 3: Corruption live wallpaper, but I just wish it had one more feature: to set your own picture as the background. I have a beautiful wallpaper inspired by Corruption, and it would fit so well with the phazon tendrils, but I can't set it up as my background. If there is a way, please let me know, if there is not... well, I hope for the best that one day it'll happen.
Tim Weekly review Tim Weekly
This is an amazing wallpaper :D I love it so much and its my main for a while but I was hoping you could be able to add an option to turn off the touch features? That would be fantastic!!!
Pyroki LP review Pyroki LP
I just wanted to point out, though, that I never played the game this was inspired by. This reminded me of the corruption tendrils from Darksiders II.
Retrowolf Pup review Retrowolf Pup
Its a cool looking live wallpaper and i know this is an alpha but if possible, implement an option to turn off the touch interactions, for me after awhile they got annoying.
Captain Wiggums review Captain Wiggums
I've always loved metroid games and this has just became my favorite wallpaper, I love all the ones you have made. Keep up the good work and I can't wait til this is updated/finished
Trey Oldham review Trey Oldham
I loved playing all three metroid primes and I beat them all somewhere within three hundred hours!!!!!!If you stay on metroid prime three I hope you put in and wallpaper with Alisia\ sky town or Bryo. Try making Metroid prime 2 and metroid prime wallpapers!!!
Purplstuph The Mechwarrior review Purplstuph The Mechwarrior
If you make another lwp, can you do planet phaaze with moving glowing atmospher and moving tendrils.
Jamie review Jamie
I love it. It looks pretty creepy, but if it would allow custom background images instead of just colors, I could DEFINITELY get some creepy screenshots. Either way, keep up the good work!
Corporal Dogmeat review Corporal Dogmeat
Pretty cool and customizable. Suggestion: make an option where the tendrils get longer according to battery life
Carlos Veliz review Carlos Veliz
The pictures don't do it justice. My only gripe is that you cannot add your own wallpaper.
Zedekiah Prescott review Zedekiah Prescott
Best idea yet.
KittyKat 5090 review KittyKat 5090
I love this wallpaper, especially the fact that there's no ads. I have one suggestion though: the option to change the tendril thickness.
darkwiz428 review darkwiz428
This wallpaper app is amazing! Only downside is you can't use a picture as the background, only a single solid colour.
CQ The Kid review CQ The Kid
The app worked great for a while, then just stopped working. Please fix this.

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