Roads of Rome 2 (Freemium)
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Roads of Rome 2 (Freemium)

Roads of Rome 2 (Freemium) v1.0 APK
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Android 3.1 - Honeycomb
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Description: Roads of Rome 2 (Freemium) APK

Take up new tricky tasks and overcome dangerous challenges in Roads of Rome 2, an addictive game that successfully combines strategy and time management features!

Caesar, the governor of Rome, has been poisoned, and there's no potion strong enough in the world of mortals that can cure him of his terrible disease. Caesar's daughter Julia is in despair and Victorius, an honorable general, sets out on a long journey to the kingdom of the Gods. The lands of barbarians are full of dangers, so be careful! Clear up your way and build roads, leave gifts and offerings on the Gods' altars and help Victorius find the magic potion that will save Caesar's life. Your quest will be long and difficult, but if you succeed, the Gods are sure to smile down on the citizens of Rome!

Shatter the peace and quiet of the Gods' kingdom and help Victorius accomplish lots of challenging tasks on his way. Glory to the brave warrior!

*Attention! The application does not support Android 5 or higher and may crash on devices that utilize this platform.


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File Size
3.79 MB
Updated On
10 January 2016
Minimum SDK Version
Android 3.1 - Honeycomb
Roads of Rome 2 (Freemium) 1.0 permissions
  • android.permission.INTERNET
  • android.permission.KILL_BACKGROUND_PROCESSES
  • android.permission.READ_LOGS
  • android.permission.WAKE_LOCK
  • android.permission.ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE
  • android.permission.ACCESS_WIFI_STATE
  • android.permission.WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE
  • android.permission.READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE
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Denise Ortiz review Denise Ortiz
I love this game, it's such mindless entertainment. Perfect for moments where you just want to get lost playing. It would be awesome if your progress could be saved and transferred to other devices. Otherwise, game is soooo good.
nyet kiew review nyet kiew
I can get an expert score quite easily on every lvl, not as challenging as the other resource mgmt games like when in rome or Northern tale. won't b getting any other titles in this series
Sara Spires review Sara Spires
There's Developers are starting to remind me of our Government. Lie, Lie, Lie. If the game is NOT free put where it belongs with a highlight of free demo before buying. I liked what little I was allowed to play but I'm not going to hand over my money and reward you for the lie. Nope, I'm going to GameStop, buying the complete set for $19.95. Next time think about NOT lying. There are people who love these kinds of games but are unable to pay in order to keep playing. Next time I'll make sure to read the reviews to see if a game is a demo or not before installing... Uninstalling?????
TA Johns review TA Johns
I bought all levels for desktop a few years ago cuz I really enjoyed them. BUT this android app is a huge ripoff. It says free game but its just a free sample. I am not going to pay again and I would expect better from this game company. BOOOOOO ?
Jessie Butter review Jessie Butter
I absolutely cannot stand the lack of "multi-tap" in these games!! I want to be able to tap on the next task I want completed & have my worker go there when he's done with the task he's in the middle of... Instead, it says "no workers available", & makes u wait until there's a worker in the camp to assign the next task. I hate that so much that it's actually a deal breaker for me & I will not be buying the full version unless/until it's added. Please give us the option to change this, like in many of ur other games, like Northern Tale, Viking Saga, & Island Tribe!!! Please!?
Karen Brumfield review Karen Brumfield
Add a feature that allows players to have extra speed and allow the workers the ability to multitask, senseless that you have to wait for them to go back to camp for them to be used. That uses to much time. Make changes and will gladly give a 5star rating!!!
Jennifer W review Jennifer W
I totally loved it! Gather resources to make buildings and roads according to goals of the level. Some levels are tricky!! All around good game. Now onto next version!!
Waunita Atkins review Waunita Atkins
Love the game. So much I bought all 3 parts but when I asked to be restored u don't. These games are 2.99 a piece.I don't want money! I want to play my games!
Rebecca Davie review Rebecca Davie
Would of been a ok game but to pass level 5 you have to pay . There are plenty other similar games which are genuinely free . Uninstalling
debra usey review debra usey
For me this is my favorite game. I would recommend buying this game. What i like most about this game is that on some levels there is a submarine to get to certain areas, and on certain levels there is a hot air balloon to get to certain areas. This makes the game interesting.
Kathy Baker review Kathy Baker
I played this game on my PC and now I get to play it on my tablet and phone. Although I wish there were more levels because I am able to finish the game in a few hours.
Debbie Coenen review Debbie Coenen
I've made it to level 12. Now there's not enough gold to finish the level. Am I missing something? Can anyone help me please?
sana shaikh review sana shaikh
I like this game,but there is only 5 levels,plz I want to play this game,how tell me?I try for purchasing but I could not purchase,plz tell me any method,iwant full version.
Nicholas Wheeler review Nicholas Wheeler
Don't try and tease me then force buy to play more. Just create in game purchases.
A. Nicols review A. Nicols
Only play five levels before asking for money, be honest and call it a demo!

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