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Description: Simple Thank You APK

If you like our apps which are free, non-intrusive and have no ads, please consider supporting us in some way. It will be hugely appreciated.

Please keep the app installed at least for a day, to avoid getting automatically refunded.

The purpose of this app is just to avoid sporadically seeing the "Donate please" dialog, it might unlock extra features in the future.

Contains no ads or unnecessary permissions. It is fully opensource, provides customizable colors.

This app is just one piece of a bigger series of apps. You can find the rest of them at
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Mark Tenet review Mark Tenet
If you use an app and you love it then support the developer. ? Keep up the great work. Mainly using the gallery app but I have the calendar app too just for the occasional check
Ed Brown review Ed Brown
I have Calendar, calculator, gallery. Not only do these apps have no ads, they don't surf the net behind your back. I will donate on a regular basis.
Haywood Hall review Haywood Hall
Great work. Can I suggest you add some differently priced similar software for those that wish to offer more? Thanks!
 review Guest
Good devs
 review Guest
I am using Simple Gallery,Calendar and Camera and they are all great so decided to donate. Keep up the good work people.
Oscar Perez review Oscar Perez
Ever since the fall of quickpic (sold out to Cheetah Mobile, the worst company on the play store). Looking for a gallery replacement without ads and not paying a mediocre amount of money is hard to come by. At least until I found your gallery app, very smooth and has never FC'ed on me the entire time I've had it installed. Keep doing what you're doing, you're great at it. I purchased this to show my appreciation.
Alberto Cruz review Alberto Cruz
In the age of mobile greed it's rare and absolutely welcome to have a set of apps that do what the tin says, and nothing more, not wasting bandwidth or other resources in the process. Thanks a lot!
 review Guest
I used quick pic, it went downhill after cheetah mobile (ad invested company) bought them. This is literally Perfect and ad free while being simple and useful. I'll gladly donate to you guys for being such Amazing developers! Keep up the amazing work!
 review Guest
Sure this application doesn't actually do anything... But the developer behind this application makes some wonderful - Open Source - applications and this is a simple way to express one's gratitude (pun intended). If you use the "Simple" series of applications, show how much you love with them with a (Google Play Store) review AND the purchase of this application!
Ashley Stephen Root review Ashley Stephen Root
Thank you, and Happy Holidays!
 review Guest
Cool cool cool ...
Kris Athow review Kris Athow
This review is for your gallery app. That app is the reason I'm supporting you. I've tried the other apps and while they're not terrible they seem less thought out and less well done. I hope you keep improving on them for others but if possible please keep the gallery app your priority as I haven't found paid or free apps that can replace it and I don't want to. Keep up the good work.
Scott Johnson review Scott Johnson
Showing my support, thanks. The Android community needs a GOOD WORKING custom theme web browser. There are several but they are not very good. I know YOU can do better. I would pay a separate fee for the browser.
Frank Zen review Frank Zen
Usually I'd get mad at something like this but you guys are so good you deserve the money! Plus it's not outrageous what you're asking for.... thanks! Now if you can add a folderless view you'd be PERFECT!
Mar2ck review Mar2ck
Your gallery app is wonderful and much needed after QuickPic was ruined by Cheetamobile. Thanks for working on quality apps you give the community for free. You definitely deserve the money.

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