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Tap Heroes - Idle Clicker

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Description: Tap Heroes - Idle Clicker APK

★ #1 Paid RPG in Finland ★
★ 91/100 - The Smartphone App Review ★
★ 5/5 - Android Apps Review ★
★ 5/5 - Tech Touch ★
★ 4.5/5 - FanAppic ★
★ 4/5 - Android Headlines ★

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Tap Heroes is a unique clicker idle game with puppet graphics where you play active or idle. Build your party, defeat enemies actively or let your heroes idle grind for you. Gather loot to improve and progress through the game.

Embark on an epic journey through the lands to grow ever stronger, grind, gather loot and defeat your enemies.
Tap your way through forests, deserts, caves, jungles, swamps and more as you grow ever more powerful and face tougher opponents and creatures.
Defeat bosses to travel to new areas and recruit new heroes to join your adventure.

Your mighty warrior can attack enemies at a rapid speed and still stand to shield the group from harm.
Your healing mage will use healing magic to heal your wounds.
Your skilled rogue will shoot poisonous arrows that damage your enemies over time and slow arrows to hinder their advance.

Tap with your godly powers to hurt your enemies and heal your heroes. Or unleash your wrath on your enemies with awesome powers while blessing your heroes with helpful buffs.
Spend the gold and other loot you gather on your journey to upgrade your heroes and gain new abilities to overcome the adventure ahead. Good luck!


✔ Over 70 different enemies and bosses
✔ 10 different worlds to discover
✔ A Distinct group of heroes with different abilities
✔ Interesting powers to unleash on your enemies
✔ Mix of RPG and clicker grind elements with tons of skills to upgrade
✔ Either play actively or just idle by watching your heroes do the job for you
✔ Achievements to unlock
✔ Ridiculous amounts of loot
✔ Possibly infinite gameplay
✔ Puppet stage graphics with cute puppet heroes!

- If you have trouble seeing the information about different buttons and items in the game then try to press down with the finger on the screen, then without lifting the finger, slide the finger over the buttons you want to display the information about.
- The unique dragons can be very tough, you might need to go back to a previous area to get stronger before facing them.
- To have the chance to spawn a chest you need to press on and fight at your current maximum area.
- Later in the game you will unlock the Altar - You can use the altar to upgrade any stats with 1 Gem instead of using gold. Remember that the altar can also be used to instantly cool down your Godly Powers to be used again.
- After you defeat the first unique dragon you will unlock the auto-forward feature. It can be found to the left of your healthbar

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Tap Heroes - Idle Loot Clicker apk
★ #1 Paid RPG in Finland ★★ 91/100 - The Smartphone App Review
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Mikael Eko Wibowo review Mikael Eko Wibowo
please add connect with fb or g+. I need to show off :)
Tanner Jacobs review Tanner Jacobs
5/5 when there is support for gaining gold when the application is closed.
TheRhinoGamer 2 review TheRhinoGamer 2
the game is great for time killing.
Ian Fitzpatrick review Ian Fitzpatrick
Hope there will be lots of updates.
Joel Astle review Joel Astle
Great time waster
Ryan Graham review Ryan Graham
Really fun, well worth the money
Ryan Koop review Ryan Koop
A Google user review A Google user
Fun game but almost everything besides base functionality is IAP. Uninstalled game
christian gionet review christian gionet
But it's boring
Rob Rickmon review Rob Rickmon
For an incremental game, there is no offline generation. That's a huge problem as I am currently on level 64, and creatures drop 124 gold. Considering the creatures take 30+ seconds to kill, and my next damage upgrade costs over 3k gold (and the power increment is extremely small for the upgrade) I get to sit and farm before a boss before anything can be done. Sure you can speed this up by either watching 50 videos to double your gold (but even then the costs/benefits ratio means you wont be progressing soon) or buy gems to do the same. The game needs offline generation, or a rework of the rewards, as you can leave the game idle for 8 hours and only gain a small amount of progress.
Matthew Cariglio review Matthew Cariglio
It's a fun game but it has so many issues. No offline gold gain or advancement. Basic things like skills cost gems on top of a cool down. The difficulty curve is huge with no prestige system. And anything remotely useful costs a boat load of gems, even after paying for the game itself. Oh and let's not forget you have to manually save it or else you'll lose progress when the app accidently closes. Uninstall
Michael Linder review Michael Linder
Great customer service. Had some issues with mistakes on my part and they fixed everything. Also very addicting game. Wonderful altogether!
Aaron Whipkey review Aaron Whipkey
Would of gave five stars but as everyone else says this game takes serious grinding after everythings level 10.....would of liked an option to buy double gold but make it permanent where it always gives double gold not a one time thing
MrAlisterH review MrAlisterH
I love this game but the one thing I would add is some sort of offline coin gain.
Brandon Hodge review Brandon Hodge
A game that plays itself is kinda neat, makes it a lot easier to grind for the money you need in order to level up (and you will need to level up a lot). But there isn't much of a goal other than get gold to level up so you can get more gold faster. I'm currently enjoying it because it's a new game on my phone, but after a while I may grow bored of it. The presentation is great, love the paper cutout aesthetic.

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