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Top Eleven 2018 - Be a Soccer Manager

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Description: Top Eleven 2018 - Be a Soccer Manager APK

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Join over 170 million players worldwide to become the best soccer manager with the unbeatable excitement of Top Eleven! Build your club from scratch and control every aspect of your team - Create your own strategies and formations and take on Mourinho, your friends and millions of other Top Eleven managers on a daily basis.

Top Eleven is the most-played online soccer manager game! Begin your journey as a soccer manager today!

Name your club and build it from the ground up. In Top Eleven you have the opportunity to control every aspect of your club, from training sessions, transfers, squad selection, formation set-ups, club finances and kit designs. In this free multi-player game you can join forces and compete against friends or test and improve your skills while playing against other managers from around the globe. Choose official jerseys and emblems from the Premier League, Bundesliga, MLS, the legendary Champions League and many more soccer leagues.

There are players that have managed their clubs for over 7 years and have won successive League, Cup and Champions League titles! Can you beat them?

Play Top Eleven and experience all the excitement of building the best soccer club in the world from scratch

★ Build and develop your stadium with all surrounding facilities.
★ Scout & sign the best players in the live transfer market.
★ Design your own training sessions to improve your players.
★ Master your team's tactics and formations.
★ Challenge other soccer managers daily in competitions and friendlies.
★ Give your team instructions and influence the result in the best live-match experience for a soccer manager.
★ Compete in the League, Cup and Champions League.

Top Eleven is translated into 30 different languages!
For any issues or suggestions regarding the game, simply contact us at:

Our team offers support in 8 languages.

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Parcu Tarci review Parcu Tarci
Hello Nordeous, Top eleven is my favourite game... It has all the things you do as a manager. My favourite thing is that you can enjoy it and it's an amazing Time-waster by you challenging in the auctions. However I only have one small suggestion: Could you add a Manchester United Shirt that you could buy? It's my number 1 favourite team. Thank you.
Mohd Faizal Jablee review Mohd Faizal Jablee
The best game.. But i think TE should upgrade live animation with small real player character instead rounded character.. And TE should tell how the percentage ratings works.. I dont understand what its mean by 8% more to become excellent player.. How the percentage works actually.. How calculate them.. So i can focus on players that i need to increase the stars.. Tq TE.. Overall its a good game..
Adrian Tan review Adrian Tan
Overall is not a bad game, but I most dislike is the level and rating of the club and players. I'm at level 42, when I compete with a level 32 manager. My club and players rating is actually almost same as my opponent. Does it sound realistic?? To me it sound like a a division 3 or 4 club is playing with a premier league club and yet their rating is still makes no difference. If this is the case.... then what for having rating? What for having level?
William Walker review William Walker
I would give it 5 Stars if there was a way to have a.i. automatically train players when you are not able to log on. There is no way to be present 100% of the time. For someone who travels to places with no cell range for work reasons, it is very inconvenient.
Tom Szwejkowski review Tom Szwejkowski
Annoying just needed to beat a tan worse than me to win league and no matter what team or tactic I used I know I would never win the game!? Feel like it's all fixed whose going to win matches or leagues so starting think there's no point playing
Chris De Shane review Chris De Shane
Lost some stars since on latest update there is no ability to close the ads you watch for free rests. The little x that usually appears after 30 seconds doesn't show up and I can't use the back button to exit the ad. The only way to leave the ad is to close the app and then I get no credit for watching it.
Bully Bullster review Bully Bullster
Tokens are still too expensive and you can't really do anything without them. Things I'd like to see; 1- Loans of players between friend teams for a set period. 2- Tokens spent bidding on players returned if you lose auction. 3- MUCH CHEAPER CUSTOMISATION!! It shouldn't cost 5 tokens to rename a stadium, and who are you kidding asking 150 tokens for a club badge?!?!
Olusegun Onanuga review Olusegun Onanuga
Great gaming experience but I still believe one should be able to get his tokens back after losing an auction. Why would I have over 14 billion cash and 1500 health pack but zero morale booster and energy pack. I should be able to trade what I have for what I don't have. I have been playing since 2012 but I'm getting bored now.
Subash Kandel review Subash Kandel
All things in the game is very good . But i think two improvement needed in this is game is 1) we should get chance to chat to the another manager during negotiations . 2)Every players form and rating shouldn't get down every season. Some have the good season and still decrease the rating isnt good. So it should be change with some other options. If its done then it will be 5 star game . Thank you . Hoping for this improvement in next update .
Shrikant Radhanpura review Shrikant Radhanpura
Really liked the new update,but the toggles for changing teams while viewing a match,or to close any tab is still irresponsive. Would really love to see better gameplay algorithms and graphics. While i hate to see the loan feature being taken away! There's still room for improvement
Paul Yardley review Paul Yardley
Set your budget and enjoy, recent upgrades including live action have vastly improved the experience. Friends have said to me it's more enjoyable than Football Manager. Give it a go but be prepared to become addicted - dropped a star for me, ads difficult to view and intermittent access to them and they are essential
Talabi Akinyemi review Talabi Akinyemi
I love this game. It has a real feel to it but one thing I would like the team to improve on is on the part of players reducing stat after one season. Its not overly good. Not every player drops form every season, a player that had a good season should actually improve.
Ratha yan review Ratha yan
What's wrong with my team? I'm stronger than other but still loose. I train my player every match and my player have the best quality to win but no. The result is loose. And about the rest is too long to get better of the player. Maybe three hour we get 6% of rest and match is about 5-6 hour after each much. I absolutly disapointed. It's difficult to win even though play against the lower rating.... think about that and make the good option.....
uk mcfry review uk mcfry
I am still not sure how the game system works. It appears to be fixed to a degree especially on association matches. Your team wins an away match with no bonus in place and yet when playing the return game lose by 3 goals with bonuses. Also the team that won the league my team was in, won every league game, with a poor team, until the last game of the season when my team won 9-0 with only training bonus. My team had training bonus for most games yet lost 2 and drew 2 to other poor teams which are probably abandoned accounts. Therefore I have no idea of the system or how fixed it is. After reviewing many different results it is obvious that the developers fix the matches. If you want a game with a fair system this is definitely not it. Probably the most fixed game I have played to date.
Richard Eiaseb review Richard Eiaseb
Great game but .. the time in games is not the same time in my country Namibia... I the game it will say match is at 14H00 bit the match will actually take place at 13H00. Also allow us to loan players amongst friends. Like we must be ableto send young players on loan for improvement ect Tokens are too expensive.! Introduce top performers in the cup as well as in the Champions and super leagues. Reward the top performing players at the end of the season.

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