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Tornado 3D

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Description: Tornado 3D APK

Tornado is one of the most destructive weather events.
It's mighty power destroys everything it. At the same time attracting us because of it's beauty, majesty and strength.

This 3D wallpaper can admire the tornado in 3D on your phone, from a safe distance :)
You can create your own tornado theme. Change the colors of tornadoes,
clouds, ground, dust, mud and stones in tornado

Now available :

+ Full 360 degrees camera rotation
+ Freeza time (reduce tornado speed)
+ Predefined themes
+ Sun and lens flare options
+ 11 x Tornado themes
+ 14 x Dust, rocks, mud type in tornado
+ 6 x Clouds type
+ 9 x Ground type
+ Camera shake on/off
+ Thunders on/off
+ Clouds on/off
+ Ground on/off
+ Sun on/off
+ Random options

Please comment ! Thanks !

Video: Tornado 3D for Android

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Maria Kay review Maria Kay
Not a tornado freak but don't regret the purchase lol, update within 2 hours haha
Joe Blow review Joe Blow
The camera settings suck. You can't even get the tornado to be in the middle of the screen constantly. Fluid ground? How about cloud to ground lightning, or some objects in it's path with debree? Just ain't there. Not worth the money!
Dale holmes review Dale holmes
Runs flawlessly on my S7, doesn't drain my battery, and there's a plethora of options. Maxelus has some of the best LWPs in the play store.
Sergey Ri review Sergey Ri
Очень красиво! Радует большое количество настроек. Можно менять декорации хоть каждый день.
A Google user review A Google user
Hands down the best LWP makers. This and space colony are my favs.
FalloutKing78 review FalloutKing78
The world's best selection of live wallpapers and I have almost all of them
Chizzy review Chizzy
The best LWP'S I've seen!
Nick W review Nick W
No permissions and looks amazing. 5 stars :)
Craig Hampton review Craig Hampton
The Best Tornado wallpaper I've come across!
Scott Bynon review Scott Bynon
I just wish this had sound it would be the best ever
Siouxi SanRaphael review Siouxi SanRaphael
Great wallpaer - thank you! I have enjoyed this so much. Brilliant.
Stephen Kimball review Stephen Kimball
Fire storm on my phone? Hell yes!!
Cons Mercado review Cons Mercado
No more black void arising from the bottom of the screen
Nice but makes me nauseous
James Richard review James Richard
The best!

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