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Twomon USB - USB Monitor

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Description: Twomon USB - USB Monitor APK

Twomon is not available if you update to 10.13.4 because Mac OS 10.13.4 does not support virtual display drivers. Please use Twomon in Mac OS 10.13.3 or earlier.


※ If you can not use Three finger input touch gestures on htc device,

Change setting to OFF in Settings > Display, gestures & buttons (or Display & buttons). Then, it will work properly!


Smart device becomes a monitor by connecting it with PC via USB!

The Convenient Connect TwomonUSB

TwomonUSB is now released.

Now, use TwomonUSB which is simple and fast.

Tablet and computer can be used as a dual monitor easily by connecting with TwomonUSB.

TwomonUSB is stable while using since it is not affected by the network.

TwomonUSB provides the fast video play with Average 40 frames/sec of smooth display output.

※ Before the Purchase

Connection is available only when PC program and USB driver of smart device are installed in PC.

Any of the following three content in this app if you can not run properly.

One. Windows 7 + system display two or more + Number of monitors connected to the computer currently(All of the conditions applicable)

Two. Two. If you use a USB monitor (DisplayLink driver is in use)

Three. Installing the Windows OS environment, the Virtual Machine

※ In order to use the Twomon as the main monitor,You need to set to directly move to the desktop when you boot computer. So, you need to delete the password or set the "automatic login".

Available Devices : Android 4.0 or later
Available PC OS : Windows XP or later / Mac OSX 10.7 or later

If you need instructions or detailed information of the product, please visit the homepage.


Video: Twomon USB - USB Monitor for Android

TwomonAir - Dualmonitor,remote apk
Twomon is not available if you update to 10.13.4 because Mac OS 10.13.4 does not
Twomon SE - Portable Display, USB Monitor apk
*To use Twomon SE, the PC program and the manufacturer ADB driver must be
isaiah bellamy review isaiah bellamy
Hey my "rca maven pro" does not have adb drivers for Windows and yet it worked but now it doesn't work! My tablet worked for previous versions now I'm very disappointed.. Please respond soon It now won't open!?
David Regan review David Regan
Disconnects every 25 seconds in USB mode. Product support did not offer any useful solutions. Waste of money. Updated May 29: I supplied the log files in my original contact with Product Support. I received a generic email response with 4 possible "solutions": 1. Use virtual display in ON mode - If Product Support had reviewed the logs, it would have been obvious that I was using virtual display in ON mode - nope, that wasn't the issue. 2. Change USB port - I tried both of the USB ports on my laptop BEFORE I contacted Product Support - no change in dropped connections. 3. Change USB cable - For this, I actually purchased TWO new USB cables - one with standard connector and one with mini connector - no change in dropped connections. 4. Reinstall PC program and application - This is truly a sign of desperation. It is akin to shut down your machine and restart. Nonetheless, I tried this as well with no change in the dropped connections. By my tally, that makes TWOMONUSB zero for 4 in attempted fixes. Like I said in my initial review - waste of money, and now time.
Rasmus Haahr Jørgensen review Rasmus Haahr Jørgensen
This app works perfectly for my Samsung Galaxy S2. 10/10 would buy again
Alex Tay review Alex Tay
The previous other similar apps I had no longer supports Windows 10. So while this app is quite costly, it is still worth for the support provided. It is easy to use (provided you are familiar with how external monitors work), so brand new users might find it difficult. A few problems I have encountered: 1) The PC software crashes when you try to disconnect on the PC software. It works fine if we turn off the Android app first. 2) The screen is only catered for portrait mode. I would hope I can have landscape resolutions as well.
Carl Mason review Carl Mason
5 stars..
Am amazing app works as advertised. Took a while to get set up, you might want to make your instructions easier for the less technical out there. Also would be great if it could work with Linux (chrome)
simon walker review simon walker
I installed it on a Samsung Note 8 to connect to a Surface Pro 3 running Windows 8.1. It simply doesn't work. Please provide a refund. UPDATE: With the updated download it now works fine.
Peter B review Peter B
Useless. Can only mirror but does not allow extension of screen to be used as a second monitor as advertised. I thought I give it a second chance by using compatibility settings but it still did not work. Developer refused to refund - [edit: the refund guide states that I CANNOT get refund 1nd time even though I tried to give this app a second chance]
Danny O'Callaghan review Danny O'Callaghan
Does The Job - Awsome
I am running a Mac book retina 13 inch and a Samsung 12.2 T900. I was looking for an app that would allow me to connect to the Mac via USB when I was out of the office. But all of the ones I tried where glitchy or didn't work at all. I saw this app and decided to give it a try. Well I have to say it works perfectly. I have full access to all display settings. For me 1200 x 720 is the best resolution and the text is crystal clear with no blur. An absolute brilliant buy. I only hope they keep updating it with Mac. A+ and 5 stars at the moment :-)
Marcel Read review Marcel Read
Great app to extend macbook pro screen
I was unsure on this app, reviews are a bit hit and miss but thought I'd try it. Very easy to setup, resolution looks very readable (don't try and change resolution via the normal Mac settings page, the resolution goes crazy and I had to reinstall). When travelling I will definitely use this solution
Govienda Kumar review Govienda Kumar
I liked the application very much, it is very powerful and smooth. But unfortunately it is unusable for me, every time it goes in background (Switching to other application and returning back) it crashes. Due to this issue I can not use any other applications while using this. This happens in every other device I have (with android nougat). This is a big issue for me so I have to switch to WiredXDisplay. Other than that definitely deserve 5star and worth every penny. But I want my refund I will be very thankful to you.
Emmanuel Tora review Emmanuel Tora
I should have gave it a 5 star review, however, I noticed when using the app with my Huewei MediaPad 10 tablet for a long period of time, the stability of the connection drops and the tablet disconnects. I'm not sure if it is my old tablet or my laptop. It may be something to do with the usb port bottlenecking over long period of use. Despite this the app worked as advertised and while using it your device is charging as well, so that is a big positive.
Maor Shahar review Maor Shahar
very good! i really liked it! working smooth and very easy to connect! the rotation on the tablet is still working so you can rotate the tablet screen for better reading working! text in windows softwares (like word, chrome, etc) is not very sharp even on a full HD tablets (tried many usb cables..) but the windows task bar is sharp.. will be 5 starts if you fix that!
M P review M P
Too slow. After installing the app, the response time in the extended screen was too slow. This app is advertised as efficient and smooth enough for games but I don't see how. Couldn't type in my text editor without it lagging behind. Probably good for simple tasks here and there. But not as advertised.
felix hoddinott review felix hoddinott
It works, with a little work
You need to find some USB drivers for the device. This takes a bit of googling, but finally you can get a working display. I've had it working as 3rd screen - pretty impressive.
Andrew Beasley review Andrew Beasley
Finally an app that works
In all honesty, this app actually works and works well. Totally worth the money. Sure its not quite just plug and play but its better than Splashtop and iDisplay because it effing works with low latency!!! Thanks guys.

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