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Description: Uciana APK

Build your own space faring empire in this true 4X mobile game. Discover new technologies, other alien races, derelict ships and much more as you spread your Empire to the Stars. The galaxy maps and star systems are procedurally generated, so with every game there will be something new to discover.

You'll have to decide how to manage your Empire's resources between research, farming, and production, depending on your situation in the galaxy.

Do you focus on building up your current systems with more buildings, star ports, or defenses? Or do you continue expanding, building instead of Fleet of ships to defend your growing Empire?

Uciana features detailed turn-based ship-to-ship combat. In which you can customize the load out of each of your ships, with different weapons, defenses and other components. You'll have to use good strategies and planning to best your opponents in combat.

This game has been a dream of ours for many years. We will continue to improve the game play with adding content, balancing, improving the AI, and much more in the months to come.

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StoneFlips is similar to a lights out puzzle game, where you try to get all of
Ivan Milovanov review Ivan Milovanov
An amazing 4x game. The love that was put into all the details makes my soul giggle. It is somewhat of an ultimate version of MoO, or at least a crafty tribute to it. The in-game tutorial helps a lot, but the devs made video tutorials on YouTube as well. A steal of a price for such a rare gem! Give it a go. ?
Jace Brunson review Jace Brunson
Well I like the concept of the game and really want to like it. It is very well put together. It seems like with the amount of information and technicality of the game, a tutorial would be on the top of the list before releasing. I have know idea what anything is or what is going on because there is so much that it is overwhelming. For those of you reading this review don't get me wrong it has a lot of potential with future updates. For now I'm going to set it aside and wait for the tutorial/dictionary/glossary guide whatever you want to call it.
Walter Craghead review Walter Craghead
Loved the style and gameplay. Still had a few bugs and did crash, losing progress. Can be difficult to select some things. Has long pauses between selections. I'm not sure if it's checking the server every time you open a planet or something, but it got really old having to wait forever after every decision. It's really right up my alley and I enjoy it, but the quality could be improved and annoyances smoothed out. Also, since it is so heavily luck based it can get too hard or too easy most of the time, usually too easy, and a good game is hard to get. I'll keep trying it and change the rating if it improves.
Yitzchak Rand review Yitzchak Rand
Absolutely amazing game with great gameplay. It is a little hard to learn how to play at first due to a lack of a thorough tutorial, but it only takes a short amount of time to learn for yourself
Jonathan Lay review Jonathan Lay
Lack of explanation for things makes for a frustrating beginning. But I take back calling it "garbage" -- it's just unclear why some things suddenly change from turn to turn (income being the most obvious example)
Alex Swanson review Alex Swanson
Be nice to zoom in on the map when playing with more systems but great game. I hope more people try it out anyone who puts in this much effort to create a game then sell a quality product for with most games will sell an unlock feature for. Outstanding!!
Brandon Wiltzius review Brandon Wiltzius
Thank you guys so much! This is such a bargain for a dollar. Clean design, smooth operation, no ads (at all), no in app purchases. I'm glad there are a few devs like you that are not giving in to the Free To Play disaster. I will always be willing to shell out a buck or two (or 10) for a great phone game, and i don't understand why more people don't think that way. People will pay 30-60$ for a console or computer game for a dozen hours of entertainment, but you can hardly squeeze a buck out of them for a good mobile game. Anyway... I've only got a few games under my belt on this, but I can tell there are hours of entertainment to come. I have lots to learn about the mechanics, but that's half the fun! Also, I can see this being pretty intimidating for new players There is a lot going on at first on a small screen, but if you stick with it and pay attention, it becomes natural in no time. I grew up playing civilization, so i kinda knew what i was looking for which probably helped. Anyway, This is a great game that i can tell they put their heart and soul into. Cough up the dollar or 3 and enjoy!
Dakota Horton review Dakota Horton
I just want to say first that I almost never leave a review unless I really love a game. And I really love this game. It is very complex and in depth. The lack of a good tutorial is a little frustrating at first, but finding out what to do on your own is part of the reason this game has kept me interested. I always get bored of games pretty quickly but I have been playing this game for a couple of weeks and I think I will be playing a few more months. And the lack of in app purchases is just an added bonus. I thank you for making this game. Also the price is amazing for the quality of the game. Normally I would expect a game like this to be 3 or 4 dollars. Again, thank you.
Alex Devlin review Alex Devlin
A triumph in mobile gaming and a must-have for any serious 4x fan. The MoO influence is clear, the interfaces are pretty well polished, and (most importantly) the gameplay feels tough but fair. I'd have liked to see more information readily available in-game (as with through a Civipedia type of reference) but regardless of this and some very minor quirks, there are no flaws to be found here. Well done!
James Rice review James Rice
Enjoyable. Yet how do I advance turns without researching? I can't find an option to push the turns forward. The only way I can advance the turns, is, as I stated, through researching. Once I run out of technology to research, it seems I'll no longer be able to advance turns.
Juan Carlos Lucena Gosalvez review Juan Carlos Lucena Gosalvez
Have to say I really like this game. Always been a major fan of MoO2 and this game pretty much has that, with some minor simplifications here an there. I think however AI needs improving. Have progresively went fron normal to hardest an it never poses much threat. Seems AI continually ignores for quite some time what I think is the first critical tech (and researchable from the start!): cloning centers. I see AI reasearching engines or any other stupid tech prior to this. Doesn't make much sense as it is going to be so much benefit in the mid term... Anyway, apart from making the game more challenging (higher difficulties, giving ai greater advantages maybe?) I really like this game
Taylor Childers review Taylor Childers
It's the best Master of Orion clone I've seen. The only bug I've run into is that after you defeat a race, every time you start playing from the continue menu option, it reminds you that the race has been defeated. Sometimes the reminder goes away after a few taps. Sometimes it never goes away and I can't figure out what too do to get it to close.
Paul Harding review Paul Harding
Developer did an excellent job of abstracting some of the micro management from MOO, making it enjoyable on the phone. My only suggestion is the map overlay, it doesn't feel like the planets are mine, and territory isn't obvious when you compare it to sins of solar empire. A map update and getting the player to feel like they own a territory would be better
Manav Dave review Manav Dave
An absolute masterpiece! I love the simplistic graphics and easy to read text, and those little things. I was quite confused in my first 10 minutes or so, but I picked it up easily afterwards. The only thing I could critique on is the lack of colony traits. Other than that, this game is wonderful! Thank you devs.
Nicky Williams review Nicky Williams
Love it but the only problem is that it takes money but I had enough money to buy it good game with a four star rating!

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