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Urdu to Urdu Dictionary

Urdu to Urdu Dictionary v1.1 APK
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Description: Urdu to Urdu Dictionary APK

This is an electronic version of the world famous Urdu dictionary Feroz-ul-Lughat written by Moulvi Ferozuddin. It's an Urdu<>Urdu Dictionary. It contains over 1.25 Lakh old & new words. All English & other foreign language words which are used in Urdu as well as Official, scientific & technical terms is added in a beautiful way with their grammatical references.

This Dictionary also contains thousands of Idioms (zarbul-misl, Muhawara) with detail explanation. Each word included with in depth meanings.

- World Famous Dictionary of Urdu Language.
- Complete Urdu to Urdu Dictionary.
- Contains over 1.25 Lakh words.
- Thousands of Idioms.
- Official, Scientific, Technical terms also included.
- Each word with its detailed meanings.
- With English & other foreign Language words.

Note: Since it's only an electronic version of Feroz-ul-Lughat (Hardcopy) so search functionality can't be implemented.
File Size
2.20 MB
Updated On
10 January 2016
Minimum SDK Version
Android 4.0.x - Ice Cream Sandwich
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Abdul Waheed review Abdul Waheed
A very good work for Urdu lovers. Adds are annoying anyhow.
Ibrahim palanpuri review Ibrahim palanpuri
мaѕнa allaн eхcellenт worĸ..laa jawaв мazмoon jazaaĸallaн ماشـــــاءاللّٰہ بیش بہا اور گــــراں قدر لغت جــزاڪم اللہ احسن الجزاء فى الدارين
Tauqeer Iqbal review Tauqeer Iqbal
It's the same Dictionary which we buy from market. It's like PDF but the problem is with the resolution. If possible please fix it
Devageet Roy review Devageet Roy
very useful and informative. easy to find the word. I deduct only one star for poor quality of images. otherwise a good experience.?⭐⭐⭐⭐
Irfan Shaikh review Irfan Shaikh
I was using Feroz ul Lughat from my school days & this app is helping me finding meaning of those urdu words which i still dont know. Great work developing team. Thanks
Souti Urdu ghazalen review Souti Urdu ghazalen
بہت اچهی ایپ ہے اردو میں دلچسپی رکهنے والوں کے لیے آپکو لغت ساتھ گهمانے کی یا نیٹ پر تلاش کرنے کی ضرورت نہیں پڑے گی.
Muzam Khan review Muzam Khan
This is very fantastic app containing all urdu words but one thing that makes it cheap is that it wants to download it after 24 hours if not used
Safdar Rao review Safdar Rao
Despite its deficiency, still it's a marvellous job you guys have done for the Urdu-lovers. Keep it up!!!
It the best dictionary found on playstore . Everything is O.K. But next and previous page buttons can be made better . ( single tap for next page and doubke tap for previous page ).
mohammed abdullah review mohammed abdullah
ماشاء اللہ اچھی خدمات ہیں. اگر مزید ایسا اپلیکشن تیار کریں جو لفظ ٹائپ کرنے پر معنی مل جائے. اور مزید الفاظ بھی شامل کر لئے جائیں تو بہت زیادہ مشکور رہیں گے.
Harkabir Singh Jandu review Harkabir Singh Jandu
The dictionary itself, Ferozul Lughat, is flawless. The app use experience could be made better. Scroll and navigation between letters could be made more user friendly. A search function will probably be very difficult to incorporate in the case of a scanned image of a hand written (non typed) text so ability to highlight part of a page and bookmark would be welcome. Thanks a lot for your effort, I appreciate it.
bhat mashooq review bhat mashooq
Muge lagta ye kitab Se photo uthaauye gaye hain App main bohat sari khamiyan hain jaise 1 is mai search option nahi hai. 2 is mai night mode available nahi hai. 3 is mai font option nahi hai. 4 ye app bohat heavy hai jaisa ki zyda mb space leti hai Phir app bohat achi hai Allah appko khusshiyoon Se nawazay. May ALLAH BLESS YOU
Haider Abbas review Haider Abbas
Having a nice experience after using it. It solves my problem 3 to 4 times in a day. Now, you guys will better know how useful this app for me. The good think and i like most its pages. It is like using a dictionary in hardcopy form which is more effective or efficient.
Hassaan Mirza review Hassaan Mirza
Here finally is a good comprehensive urdu dictionary, and very credible for using feroz-ul-lughat (although I am unsure about how the copyrights work). My only issue is that the display is very blurry and the interface not very user friendly. Yes it gets the job done, but very minimal effort seems to have been put on the app building
Mr Khan review Mr Khan
Overall application is poor as compare to english dictionaries. It is better to download a pdf dictionary instead of this. Its not a software as there is no search option. You have to search a word like a book which consumes so much time.

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