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Description: Weapon Builder Pro APK

Weapon Builder is a fun app that allows the user to use their creativity to build a custom weapon on their Android device and export it as a graphic to share.

Some key highlights of the pro version of this application include;
+ No advertisements
+ Choose from over 400 different parts! That's 250+ more parts than the free version!
+ Save your build so you can reload it at a later time and continue working on it
+ Share your build as an image file across social media sites, email or text message
+ Move items freely (no snapping) around the screen
+ Rotate and scale items on demand using pinch gestures
+ Flip items dynamically
+ Place items on top or behind other items on the screen by using the bring up or send back feature
+ Rotate and Flip items
+ Intuitive options menu is activated when an item is selected
+ Color picker menu to change item colors
+ Style items with camo and other textures
Pistol Builder available on the app store at;

Weapon images courtesy of Dr.Noob at http://pimpmygun.doctornoob.com
Weapon Builder apk
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Gene H review Gene H
I really enjoy this app, I can't draw at all, but this app lets me build weapons that I can only Imagine. If the developer reads this; Maybe you could start including some Sci-fi elements to it - Star Wars, Star Trek, Mass Effect, etc. Could bring lots of variations to this app.
Mark Nelson review Mark Nelson
Will there be any more updates, new parts, guns, or anything else added? Would be nice to have more options available. Also some of the parts names are off ( not a big deal at all .) Otherwise fun and entertaining.
Ardit review Ardit
The game is great, really liked the free version and wanted more parts so I bought the pro version, however im really disappointed by how bad the resolution of the parts were in this, which wasnt a problem in the free version. Also while there are more parts, some of the parts from the free version arent there, like the different iron sights
Dragonic Paradox review Dragonic Paradox
It would be cool if you added a test mode but the guns have to have certain specifications to work. I would love to see my weapon of mass destruction work
Carl Cashman review Carl Cashman
Hey guys I've been using this app for ages think it's awesome but for some reason the resolution quality has dropped everything looks pixilated, I'd like that fixed and also some more pieces to help with building bullpups and bolt action rifle parts, even some drum magazines and classic weapon parts like the Thompson and B.A.R
Marinus de Dreu review Marinus de Dreu
Great game, the same day i e-mailed these guys they fixed the bugs and added some machine gun parts, still needs browning m2 style heavy machine gun parts, also needs a bullet belt for machine guns. Thanks guys, i hope you add these parts. Thanks a lot for adding the pistol builder app in the description.
Jimmy Trussell review Jimmy Trussell
Great app don't take this WRONG but the full version has less parts than the demo plz add more guns Smgs ,sniper rifles , how about rpgs.U shouldn't have to buy camos I mean u bought the"FULL VERSION"
Jack Danielson review Jack Danielson
Love this game so much. Me and my friend build guns then show each other our builds and determine who's gun would win in a fight. This game is fun for a non boredom day.
Tyler Buxton review Tyler Buxton
Some of the resolution of the gun parts are slightly bad and some parts of the same gun are bigger than other parts of it I enjoy this app and would like this app to improve.
ReVoked_Adub review ReVoked_Adub
Its a good game I enjoy this app very much because I love creating things and guns are my hobbie , I think it would be though if you could make like a cross bow / bow creator . You did an exelent job . ★★★★
Michael Kowalski review Michael Kowalski
This app is a great way to kill some time. The photo realism is great, and the frequent updates show that the dev cares. I would like it if there were a "snap" option so the pieces would connect or line up correctly. Overall great app though.
Keith Douglas review Keith Douglas
Not good hardly any parts and the parts you get can't make complete weapons only able to make a few weopons please update and I will give it more stars
Marcus Breathnach review Marcus Breathnach
A grea app but a few heavy weapons, RPG'S, mini guns, rail guns etc. That would be unreal ?
Syn Sylverblood review Syn Sylverblood
I like the app but I bought the camp pack and it refuses to give it to me
brandon carter review brandon carter
this app will not download i tried for at least four hours and it still wont work it gets to were it will say installing and then it restarts the downloading process again

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